Saturday, February 05, 2011

My promise...

Almost a year later I am back and promising to be better at keeping this blog up to date. I am not sure why I got so bad at doing this...maybe it was just the business of the year, or the fact that I was on facebook and thought most people were on it to, or maybe its just because I was lazy. Regardless of the excuse it is my goal to update this at least one month! I am not going to go back and recap in words on everything thats happened since April of last year but I will add some pictures to you can see we've had a lot of fun! Camping, tip to NC, kid photos, pumpkin patch, birthdays, Vegas, Christmas and everything in between. What a great year its been even with a few not so fun events :) I hope you enjoy the pictures and know they are not in specific order!
So hang in there and be looking for a new update to our family's blog!
The Scotts