Sunday, December 31, 2006


I think Jyllian is enjoying herself, don't you??? We bought Jyllian a sled back in November but haven't had the snow yet for her to ride in it. Our first snowfall we took her out and she did not like it at all. So we tried it again after Christmas and she loved it!

We plan to take her to a sledding hill at the city park the next time it snows. Right now the only challenge is to get her to wear her snowpants, boots, gloves and her hat. She still refuses to wear those.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Christmas

Here are some pictures from pictures. As you can see Jyllian really enjoyed getting the presents opened. To see other Christmas pictures check out the following website:

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Jyllian loved Christmas this year! She really got into it and we can just imagine what next year will be like. This year she figured out Santa Claus. It was the cutest thing, we would ask her where Santa was and she would run to the window, look out and say "all gone!" She loved opening presents and enjoyed playing with her new toys. If she got clothes she would take them out and hold them up to her and say "wow!" or "Ooooooooh!"
We spent the holidays both with Justin's family and Kylea's family. We left for South Dakota on Thursday Dec. 21st to see Ann in Rapid City. We spent the night there and were able to see Ann and Vikki; Justin's Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry; Brad, Karyn and Kellan. It was great to see people and spend time with them. On Friday morning we headed to Ann's for breakfast and our Christmas with her. Jyllian enjoyed opening presents and seeing their dogs.

Friday afternoon we headed to Moorcroft Wyoming to spend some time with Justin's Dad and Linda. We first stopped by the mall in Rapid to do some last minute shopping and we stopped in Sundance to visit Adrianne. To our surprise Joe was home so we were able to see him too. We stayed for a few hours before heading to the ranch.
We had our Christmas at the Ranch with everyone on Saturday. We woke up Saturday morning and opened presents. Again Jyllian LOVED this. All you'd have to say is lets open a present and she'd run to the tree grab a present and start opening it. She didn't care who's it was as long as she had one. She even helped those who seemed to be having troubles opening theirs.
Sunday we headed back to Douglas to spend the remainder of the holidays at home. Christmas eve was spent at Shanes new house. We had Prime Rib Dinner and opened gifts. Although this was the first Christmas without my dad we were still able to enjoy it and have a wonderful Christmas. After spending time at Shanes, we headed to mom's and opened gifts there. We kept thinking that Jyllian would get bored of opening gifts but she didn't seem to mind. Last stop home to prepare for Santa.
Santa came early on Christmas morning and treated us all wonderfully. When we woke up I went in to wake Jyllian and whispered in her ear, "Santa came." She was up in seconds and ran to the tree. We had to wait for Grammie and Uncle Shane to get their first but then we opened gifts. We all spent the day together, sledding, playing games, eating and enjoying being together. We had a wonderful dinner followed by dessert. At 7:30 we took Jyllian to her first movie at a Movie Theatre. Santa Claus 3 was playing at our local theatre so off we headed. It wasn't the greatest experience as Jyllian sat in the chair for maybe the first 10 mins of the movie and then she wasn't having any more of that. She was wanting to walk around and talk and laugh. So we spent a lot of the movie taking turns with her walking around or standing at the back watching it. All in all it was a success and we enjoyed the movie.
Before we knew it Christmas was over for yet another year we can only imagine what Jyllian will be like at Christmas time.