Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jyllian's First Day At Preschool

TGFD--thank goodness for daddy's! Thats because this mommy had to work on Jyllian's first day of school and due to the fact that things were too crazy that morning for me to leave Justin had to take Jyllian on her first day and boy oh boy did he do an awesome job! Not only did he get her to school on time, but he also took some great pictures and even took her out to breakfast. What a great daddy he is! So here is our big girl on her first day. Next year...Kindergarten! Oh I get sad just thinking about it, but the only positive thing about that is she will get to be right across the hall from me all day long!!! Still I am super sad about the idea of her going to school. It just doesn't seem possible....ugh! Anyways enjoy the cute pictures my hubby took of our sweet baby girl.

(Cohl is pretty excited too!)

The Month of pictures and a few words!

August came and went rather quickly this year. But we had a busy month filled with trips to the pool, a wedding, camping, The State Fair, picnics and the start of school for me as well as something new for Jyllian--Gymnastics. It was a great month and so I thought I would show just a snapshot of what our month looked like. Enjoy!

The new splash park at our city pool.
Cohl LOVED it!
We couldn't keep him out of the water. He was simpley amazed!

We also had the chance to go out in Shane's new boat. The kids enjoyed getting to "drive"
We got these cute life "jackets" that just go around their waist so that it doesn't choke them. They are great!

But as you can see Cohl wasn't having any of it!

We also had lots of days at the park and on picnics.
Cohl found the perfect hiding spot!

Eating lunch with daddy
The wedding was a highligt of our month. Jyllian did sooo GREAT as a flower girl! So cute!
Her and her cousin Kellan were inseparable! They were so cute. People thought he was sweet on her until we told them they were cousins!
The happy couple--Matt and Terry Ann Scott
The Flower Girls doing a great job!
Me and my kiddos
My sweet babies--oh how I love them
My sweet girl! Isn't she the most precious thing?!?!

Kellan and Jyllian again inseparable!
I LOVE this picture!

A fun filled family night of Putt Putt Golf

Camping at Sandy Beach. The kids had a blast playing in the sand. It was ALMOST like we were at the ocean. The closest thing we will get for awhile I guess :)
Cohl found the perfect spot!

State Fair 09'--Jyllian is in the yellow one!

We rode this ride a lot since there were not too many that she could ride due to high restrictions! And the fact that Justin arrested 1/2 of the Carnies so we didn't feel too comfortable letting her ride the rides ;)
Cohl watching for his sister in the State Fair Parade
She was so excited to ride with her daddy!
Jyllian all ready to go to her FIRST gymnastics!

Well there you have it, our month in review. Lets just hope I am a little better at the months to come as I was not the greatest at August or September :)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

While Adrienne was here we put her to work. She became our hair stylist :) Cohl was in desparate need of a haircut. And so Adrienne volunteer'd to do it. THANK YOU!!!! Its amazing how a hair cut can transform something from a baby to little boy. We later buzzed his head with Justin's clippers and boy oh boy did he look like a little man. See bottom picture.

He is SUPER excited about this at first!

By the end we had to bribe him with a popsicle to stay put :)
Getting all washed up!

Now for some before and after.
We all remember how long and shaggy it was. There is even a picture of him dressed up in one of Jyllian's dresses and he looks just like a girl! I will have to find that one and post it on here too. Actually I think its on the blog--scroll down a few posts :)

And this is after. Doesn't he look like a little boy now! I had to admit I was a little sad but he looked soooo cute!!!
And then these two are from after we shaved his head. A little man is what he looks like now. Its soo cute. We will probably let it grow some as this was a bit too short for my liking but still cute!