Monday, October 29, 2007


Jyllian thought it would be a great idea if she painted her Grammies toes. She loves toe nail polish and getting her toes and fingers painted but this was the first time she decided she wanted to paint. So we covered up the floor and Jyllian had a blast! As you can see, she made a few mistakes but all in all it looks pretty good for a 2 year old. :) We got a pretty good laugh out of it at least.
Just to let you know Jyllian is taking appointments :)

Family Update!

We had another ultrasound done today. We decided to take Jyllian to this one as she is getting quite excited about being a big sister. She keeps saying, "Jyllie Bean big sister." Its pretty cute. She knows that a baby is in mommy's tummy and she will lift up my shirt and say "Hi Baby!" I think she is a little confused on where the baby is, but gets the concept that it is in my belly. So anyways we had an ultrasound. They seem to take sooo much longer to do this time around. With Jyllian the Dr. did it in the exam room so I guess he was able to see what he needed to and that was that. Now the Radiology dept at the hospital does the ultrasounds so they take forever. I guess they want to make sure the Dr. see's everything she needs to. Its a little painful with a full bladder! Justin was unable to make it to this apt. as there was an emergency at work that he had go to. So it was just me and Jyllian. Jyllian walked into the room and must of had a flashback of when she had to go into the ultrasound room and started to bawl! I thought oh great, but they brought in a tech to play with her while we were getting the ultrasound done and she had toys to play with Jyllian. So that was really nice. We got to see some good pics of our little one. Its just amazing how fast they grow--as you can see from the pictures this time around, you can really see a lot more than the last time. I am only posting one of the pictures--a picture of the face. You can see the nose and head and mouth. Pretty cute :) The baby measured 13 weeks 2 days so a week ahead of what I am supposed to be. So we will see. Hope you enjoy!
I am beginning to feel a lot better. I am not as sick as I was, and my energy is starting to come back. I sure do look forward to the weekends so I can take naps with Jyllian :) Being at work all day sure does wear me out. I'm starting to out grow my pants--so much sooner than with Jyllian. With Jyllian I was able to wear my regular pants right through the pregnancy, not this time around. Maybe that is an indicator on what our little one is!?!? We have our suspicions, but we will have to wait and see until around 20 weeks to know for sure. We are anxiously waiting!
Other than that not much is going on. We are all staying busy. Jyllian is getting bigger and bigger every day. She is amazing us with all she knows. She can carry on quite the conversation and is so smart. She cracks us up with the things she comes up with to say. We are close to being potty trained. She wears big girl panties at home, but still wears pull-ups at daycare just in case. But today she didn't even go potty in her pull-up at daycare all day. She goes into the bathroom all by herself and gets up on the potty and goes. So we are getting there. Yay!
Work is a constant struggle. I am not sure if its just that I haven't been feeling that great, the abundance of low kids I have, or just the fact that I have several naughty kids this year, but they seriously put me over the edge on a pretty regular basis. Everyone just says to me, "ohh Kylea you have a very "diverse" class this year." I guess thats one way of putting it :) So its hard, but we are getting through it. I have been extremely fortunate to have 2 really good years, so I guess its my turn to have a rough one :)
Justin is staying busy too. Its that time of year for hunters and getting called out at night for calls. Sometimes it seems I just don't see that much of him. One night he was called out on a search for Search and Rescue at 8:00pm on a Friday night and I didn't see him again until 10:00am on Sunday morning and that was only for 10 mins before he was called out on another call. So its hard on him, me and Jyllian. She misses her daddy when he is gone that long.
So I guess that is all for the update.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow

We woke up this morning to SNOW. Our first snow of the season. The mountains have gotten snow prior to this storm, but we have not yet seen it until last night. We didn't get much but it was enough for Jyllian to want to go and play in it. We had bought new snowpants and jacket a few weeks ago at Target as they were having a sale on them, and she has been patiently waiting for the snow to come. So all morning she wanted to play in the snow. Of course it melted quite quickly, so we headed up the mountain to see if there was anymore snow up there. On the way up she fell asleep so we headed back home and found some snow at the park down the street. Jyllian had a blast "playing" in it. As you can see from the pictures there wasn't much snow left even at the park. Much more up in the mountains, but the roads were terrible and I didn't want to take the chance of getting stuck with it being just me and Jyll. So she got to see the snow and she was happy. We should have lots of fun this winter with snow--as long as we get some good storms. Enjoy the pics!

Just lookin'
"Do you see it Mommy?"
Hmmmm should I touch it?
Burrrrr. Its cold!

Slideshow of pictures

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baby Number 2 on the Way!

We thought it was time that we could let everyone know that we are expecting baby number two! We are super excited! Jyllian is ready to be a big sister. We are 12 weeks this week so the first trimester is almost over. We are due May 8th, 2008. We've had our first ultrasound a few weeks ago. All looked great. We've had 2 Dr. appointments now. So far we are looking good. The baby is growing right were s/he needs to be and we got to hear the heartbeat last week at our Dr. apt. It is the most amazing thing ever to hear. We will have another ultrasound next week and I will try and post some other pictures. In the picture this time all you can really see is a blob :) But s/he is our little blob :) and we are already in love with him/her.
Our feelings on what the sex??? Well we think its a boy--as this pregnancy has been SOOO different than with Jyllian, but then again every pregnancy is different so who really knows. We will find out at 20 weeks as long as we have a coooperative child this time around. Jyllian never let us find out so we were surprised.
I've been feeling pretty icky--sick a lot and very exhausted. Just ready for 2nd trimester so I can get a little more energy and not be soo cranky! Poor Justin and kids at school. But we will get through it.
Hope you enjoy the pics of the ultrasound! Its not the greatest, but at least you can see that we are indeed pregnant! Yay!!!