Sunday, August 31, 2008

4 Months

So Cohl is officially 4 months old!!! I know I say this alot but really where has the time gone....makes me sad at how fast time goes by when they are this small. He is doing soooo awesome. He is growing so big--and is just the happiest little guy around. Everyone gets a kick out of him and how happy he is and love his little laugh. He seriously giggles! Its sooo cute. He can roll both ways now--even though he prefers to be on his back--not a huge fan of being on his belly--and really tries to sit up. We don't think it will be long before he will sit on his own. He loves to pull himself up to a stand when holding onto our hands. He is SO Strong! Its amazing. So he is good. We take him for his 4 month check next week so he will actually be 19 weeks but technically didn't turn 4 months until August 30th...I know confusing. So we will see what his stats are.
Here are some pictures of him eating cereal for the first time--as you can see he was not a huge fan of it--much prefered his bottle; also him laying on the floor; and him playing in his Jump-a-roo~he really enjoyed this. We also bought him one of the bumbo seats--and he likes that too.
I am also putting some pictures of Jyllian in her Hannah Montana dress up clothes. She is obsessed with Hannah Montana--we just can't believe how much she loves that girl :) Pretty funny watching her dance and sing to the songs.
What is this??
Ummm not sure I like this
Really mom I am not real fond of this
Really mom?!?!
Now this is what I am talking about!
Bouncy Bouncy
Peek I see you Mom!
Belly time
Cute Cars Butt!

Even his feet touch :) He is such a big boy!

Our Litt'l Rockstar!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

State Fair

So as most of you know the Wyoming State Fair takes place in Douglas every year. Its always a busy time--lots of people and always gives us something fun to do--and always makes me realize that school is literally just around the corner as we start the following week. This year we knew that Jyllian would have a blast at the carnival and so we were able to take her twice. We did head out of town for a couple of days during the fair so we weren't around for all of it, but we got our share. Here are just a few pictures of Jyllian enjoying the rides--note that Shane and Justin are in many of them! Jyllian got them to ride along with her :) Fun Fun times. She is such a dair-devil. She rode the Pirate Ship and wanted to ride some of the "big kid" rides that go upside down and really fast! She is too funny! And even Cohl enjoyed all the lights and noise of the fair.

Jyllian riding the Flinestones Car

Justin and Cohl just taking everything in

Our Littest Boy--isn't he soo cute :)

Jyllian catching some fish!
Shane coming off the slide from the Fun House
Jyllian and Shane on the Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship--she would even put her hands up :)
More of the Flinestone Cars

Shane and Jyll on the Roller Coaster (last car)

Shane enjoying the Roller Coaster :)
Jyll and Shane again on the Roller Coaster

Friday, August 08, 2008

Our New House and an Update

So we are finally in our new house! I absolutly love it. It is so nice to have a house that is brand new so we don't have to worry about the people who have lived in it prior or things not working correctly. We had a few delays in getting into it as soon as we would have liked to have, but are so thankful that we are in it now. We are still unpacking--boy does it take forever especially with two little ones around, but it is getting there slowly. It is still my hope to get it all finished prior to starting back to school which will be in a few weeks. Ahhhh a few weeks-that sounds awful. I am not sure that I am ready to go back to work just yet even though I have been off work since the first week in April....maybe that is making it harder?!?!!? Or mabe I am just not looking forward to taking my kids back to daycare. Cohl will be 4 months old in a few weeks. Can you believe it has been 4 months since he was born. I still can't believe it. I hate how fast they grow when they are this little. He is getting so big. We have had a few problems with his health. At 2 months he was throwing up all the time and I didn't feel he was gaining a lot of weight. We took him in and after several tests that ruled out other problems the Dr. said he has Acid Reflux, this was on a Friday. Monday afternoon the nurse called and said the urine culture grew bacteria indicating a urinary tract infection so he was put on medication for that too in additon to the acid reflux medication. We scheduled him for a VCUG which would determine if he had VUR which is a urinary reflux like Jyllian had. We got the results back from that and he does indeed have VUR like Jyllian did. We are thankful that we found out about it sooner so we can be on top of it and he will not have to get so sick like our poor Jyllie Bean did. VUR causes urinary tract infections and if left untreated will cause a Kidney Infection which can cause a lot of damage to the kidneys and cause them to be very sick and even death. Jyllian did get a Kidney Infection which is how we found out she had the VUR in the first place. Luckily she did not have any damage and has since outgrown the VUR. We are hopeful that Coh will too. So for now he is on antiobiotics daily. We go to the Urologist on the 22nd of August. We will see what he says.
Jyllian will be starting preschool in September. It makes me sad to think she is already old enough to be going to preschool. She is super excited about it. She asks daily when does she get to go. She got to meet her preschool teacher last week. I think she will enjoy going. She will go 2 days a week in the morning. I will be able to take her and pick her up if needed as my schedule happened to work around that. I am thankful for that. Both her and Cohl will be going to the same daycare that Jyllian went to this Spring. Andrea is very excited to have a baby! So we are thankful for that.
Justin took some time off to move us into our new house. It was so nice to have him home for 12 days! It was hard for him to go back to work this week. Next week on his days off we are going go down to Cheyenne and do some shopping for the kids and myself in Cheyenne and Fort Collins. Should be a nice get-a-way.
So I think that is a good enough update for now. I hope you enjoy the new pictures of the house!
I'll try and keep posting updates regularly! Time just seems to fly by. Hope you are all doing GREAT!


Summer 2008

We have taken quite a few cute pictures of the kids this summer that I would like to share. The City of Douglas had a big Picnic in the Park with free food, drinks, sno-cones, face painting, music and games as well as swimming. We headed over for it and got some cute pics of Jyllian with her friends as well as Cohl sleeping :) I've also just taken some cute pictures of Jyllian and Cohl together and Cohl by himself so I am going to put them all on here and hope you enjoy.