Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Littlest Boy is 9 Months Old!!


Why is it that when you are pregnant nine months seems to DRAG on and never seems to get here soon enough, but then once you have your child the next nine months flies by! I just don't get it. It is so hard to believe that its been 9 months since I've had Cohl. It truly seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital---wow. Here is a comparison to then and now.
On his "birth" day! He was NOT a happy camper about this whole birth thing :)
The day after he was born--May Day!

Crawling and scooting around

The newest picture of Mr. Cohl--taken this morning

Cohl is doing awesome. He is growing growing growing. I weighed him myself this morning to see what he is at (we don't actually go to his 9 month check-up until the 9th of February) and he weighed in at 17lbs. We'll see how close I am to when the Dr weighs him. He is doing the army crawl--can get up on his knews just prefers not to. He is pulling himself to a stand on almost everything now and will even take a few steps to get to what he wants when he is holding onto a piece of furniture. I've tried to get him to walk by me holding his hands, but he doesn't want to. His newest trick is crawling somewhere and then poping up into sitting looking around to see if anyone is watching and then taking off crawling again. He loves to jump (we put him in his jump-a-roo early in life!) and he loves loves loves to antagonize his sister. I am amazed at how early this starts :) we were seriously thinking we had until at least he was walking but oh no. Its actually pretty funny to watch. Jyllian gets sooo mad. He is into everything. We are just more in love with him every day. Its sad to think we will be planning his first birthday soon.
We've had some changes in our schedule lately as we've had to find a new babysitter--long story but hopefully our new one will work out for the best. So far we love her but there are a lot more kids than we have ever had to deal with. We have been so thankful and blessed to find in home daycares since we've had to put our kids in daycare--we have also been lucky up until now that we've only had our kids or one other at the daycare so the individed attention has always been on our kids which in return has made them even more spoiled than they already were but we were not complaining. The new daycare has one huge advantage and that is that she really sticks to our schedule for Cohl rather than what is easiest for herself which is sooo helpful. We do really like her a lot but it is ALOT more expensive than we have ever had to pay (put it this way we will pay more out in the next 3 months then we did in all of 2008!), and she has 6 other kids besides ours. She has 6 kids under the age of 4, one 4 year old and one 5 year old. She does a great job but it is very chaotic which is why its so great that she keeps to Cohl's schedule. Our old babysitter did not do this and it really messed things up for us when we had him home. So all in all we think its going to be great. We just have to figure out something for the summer--she is wanting us to pay even though we are NOT going to be there, I'm not too happy about this. So we will see what happens.
So for now that is all. I will let you know what Cohl's stats are when we have his Dr apt with his new Dr--our old one that we LOVED moved to Minnesota at the beginning of January so we are now trying someone else. We hope we like him. I'll attach a few more pictures I've taken over the past few weeks and some video coverage :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Little Reader

Jyllian loves to read. She has always loved to be read to but as she has gotten older we have found her countless times "reading" in her room all by herself. For Christmas my dad bought her the Tag Reading System so that the pen will read her the story and she LOVES it. I took a video of her with my phone the other day reading The Wheels on the Bus. You can't here it the best so turn it up and listen--its pretty cute. I think we've got a reader on our hands. Some of her favorite books are Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy at the Museum and Over the River and through the Woods as well as any Princess stories. As a teacher I am of course thrilled that she is already into reading!!! (PLEASE IGNORE THE MESS ON THE FLOOR :) )

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Storm January 23-28

A snowstorm hit on Friday and although we didn't think we would get much out of it but ended up getting over a foot by the time the storm was over Monday afternoon. I guess it was a combination of three separate storms. We were thrilled to get the snow--but we had also been enjoying 60 degree weather the week prior. Crazy Wyoming Weather!!! The storm started Friday and snowed all day Friday, all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. As you've read in my previous post we went to Playhouse Disney Live on Sunday and were thankful that the roads were okay enough for us to go up to Casper to watch the show. By the time we left it was pretty much a blizzard but luckily we had over 500lbs of railroad ties (we're using them in our backyard for landscaping) in the back of the truck and the the right lane once again was clear so we made it safely home. I was pretty surprised Monday morning when I woke up at 5:00 to find out we did indeed have school. We had about 13 inches of snow by that time and the roads were CRAPPY, even an NO Unnecessary Travel was in effect for in town, but we had school. So I loaded the kids up for daycare and headed out with the truck. Of course this was after Justin unloaded the 500+lbs of railroad ties so that they were not sticking out the back of the truck. We thought we would maybe get out of school early on Monday but no such luck. The wind was supposed to pick up Monday night so maybe no school Tuesday?!!?! Well when I woke up to the phone ringing saying no school (we have a calling tree) I checked the temp outside and it was 29 below zero that was without the windchill. BRRRRRRRRR!!! I was pretty glad for no school. The wind never really picked up but it also never got above zero all day Tuesday. Tuesday night the wind did pick up and we ended up not having school today either. Yay for me!!! I got to spend two days at home with my kids and hubby. We havent gotten to spend days off together in over a month. The wind caused a lot of drifting and we had about a 4 foot drift in our backyard, and when we opened out front door there was a 2 foot drift there. This evening when we went to feed to the dogs we opened the door to go outside from the garage and found yet another drift. Too funny. I am pretty positive that we will have school tomorrow but I sure did enjoy these two days off!!! A nice break from work. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our snow :)

snow drift from garage door
view from our back window of the mountains

Jyllians bike burried

12+ inches of snow

9 inches of snow on Sunday evening

Monday, January 26, 2009

Playhouse Disney Live

In order to make up for not getting to go to Backyardigans Live in December (they ended up canceling the show due to the Economy--BUMMER!) we bought tickets to see Playhouse Disney Live. Jyllian was pretty excited about this and has been talking about it for weeks now. Two of her friends also got tickets with us so we all were going. Of course the weather had to get bad on Friday and continued to snow on Saturday. We were unsure if we were going to get to go or not, but we braved the weather and roads to make it on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). Luckily the right lane of the interstate was clear so we were able to make it there without a problem. We went to the mall, had some lunch, did some shopping and then headed to the Events Center. Wow was there ever a lot of people for such a poopy weather day! We were on the floor and had my battery not died on my camera and had I brought my cellphone in with me I would have gotten some decent pictures....but my camera did die and I did leave my cell in the truck so needless to say I didn't get too many good pictures! I was pretty bummed. But the 2 pictures I did get I will put on here.
Jyllian loved it!!! She was glued. Cohl on the other hand slept through most of it, but was really into it while he was awake. I didn't think he would fall asleep as it was SO loud, and he does not usually fall asleep in my arms (we are lucky that he is such a good sleeper and falls asleep all on his own, unlike his wonderful sister who to this day still has to have us right there with her when she goes to sleep!), but he did. He was amazed by all of the lights and one of his favorite shows to watch is Little Einstiens. The show had Handy Manny and his tools, Pooh, Tiger, Darbie, Little Einsteins, Mickey, Minney and Goofy. Super cute show and well worth the money!!!
Wish I would have gotten better pictures, but oh well we still had a great time :)

Handy Manny and Mr. Lopard (sp?)
Handy Manny and his Tools!

The maillady in the Hundred Acre Woods

Saturday, January 03, 2009

First Haircut--UNPLANNED!

So Jyllian got her first haircut today--she is 3 1/2 years old and although we have cut her bangs from time to time we have NEVER cut her actual hair. Well today was the day. Definatly not intentional but Jyllian had other plans :)
We were planning on heading to Casper today to do some shopping but no intentions of getting haircuts! I asked Jyllian to go into the bathroom to get her brush so we could fix her hair. She ran into the bathroom and was in there for a little while but I honestly didn't think anything of it. She came out about 5 minutes later and said "Do you like my hair? Is it pretty?" I said "oh yes very pretty." She says "Is it shorter?" I instantly I asked her what she did. She very proudly says "I cut it! See Mommy!" "OHHHH NOOOOOOO" were my exact words and I ran into the bathroom to see chunks of hair laying on the floor and in the trash can. All I could say was No no no! I looked at her hair and the entire right side was chopped. She had pieces that were about an inch long. Justin came out of the shower and he said he has never had so many emotions all at once--he was mad, but at the same time wanted to cry, but all he could do is laugh. I felt much the same. So needless to say we took her to the mall and got her haircut. She was scared about it, but we told her it would be fine. She was crying and pretty upset with herself. By the time we got to the mall in Casper she was okay with it all. They ended up taking about 2 inches off the length and then layered it to match the "layers" she already put into it herself. It turned out pretty cute, and we will probably cut it again this summer into a bob to even it all out. I do have to say she was pretty proud of herself and she even said "I just wanted my hair short like yours and grammies." Too funny. So here are a few pictures :) ENJOY!