Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mommies Day!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Justin had practiced all week with Jyllian on his days off to say "Happy Mother's Day." He said Mother's was too hard so they shortened it to Mommies because she says mommy normally. So once I was up she said to me, "Happy Mommies Day!" It was sooo cute. Then she gave me a letter which explained the days agenda. Justin had to work at 12:00 so he made the best of it by providing us with a schedule of things we were to do. The first thing was for us to go eat breakfast with Grammy. Grammy got to pick the place and Uncle Shane came too. It was very busy at the Village Inn due to Mother's Day and HS Graduation. Justin ended up having to leave before we got our food in order to get to work on time. We ate and then went home to get ready to go to the park. This was also the first day that Jyllian allowed me to fix her hair although it didn't last long. Still it was quite cute! We played at the park for quite some time before heading back home to get ready to go to Casper. In Casper we were to eat and go shopping. Jyllian wanted to get me a mother's ring for Mother's Day. We shopped at several jewelry stores before finding the perfect one. It is simple and really pretty. It will work perfectly for two children which is our plan, but right now stands all alone. Its just beautiful! We then went and ate at the Outback and had a wonderful meal. Shane and mom came too so it was nice afternoon with the family. All we were missing was Justin. I have to say it was a perfect Mother's Day! Hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day too. You deserve it!

Cutie Patutie!

On Saturday evening we went to Grammy's house to eat dinner. On our way out the door Jyllian decided it would be fun to sit on the porch so we got some cute pictures. She is such a ham. When she sees the camera she says "Cheese" and if you're lucky and you can get a picture of her smiling while she is saying it. Below are some cute pics we got of Jyllian, Jyllian with Daddy and Jyllian with Mommy. ENJOY!