Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today is it!

Well we've waited 9 months--well actually 38 weeks and we are going to finally meet out littlest boy tomorrow. We are sooo excited. Its been a rough pregnancy--terrible morning sickness for the first couple of months, sick with severe bronchitis/phenomonia and was hospitalized, pre-term labor and was put on medication and bedrest for 3 weeks, and then preeclamsia and back on bedrest. Needless to say I am tired of being pregnant and ready to meet my Cohl.
We go in tonight at 5:00 to start the induction process. We will see what all that entails :) I am nervous but know all will be fine.
We took Jyllian fishing today and just enjoyed being outside and spending time with her. We got some cute pictures! Hope you enjoy. Will post more pictures after tomorrow of our little Cohl!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We had a great Easter. Due to Justin refinishing our floors we had Easter at mom's. Shane joined us both for the dying of Easter Eggs on Saturday night and spent the day with us on Easter Sunday. Jyllian enjoyed looking for her baskets hidden by the Easter Bunny. As you can see the Easter Bunny SPOILED her! We also took her to the mall and let her visit the Easter Bunny. It was a good day--good food, good people and lots of fun.
Because we have soo many pictures I did a slide-show.

It's Been Awhile....

So I didn't post anything the entire month of March--what a slacker I am. Or maybe nothing was going on???? Either way I am sorry its been so long.
Let me think back to March and see if there is something that happened that I can share....we did red0 our hard wood floors. Well by we I mean Justin :) I was on Spring Break for work so it worked out great that I was able to watch Jyllian and stay at my moms while Justin sanded, stained and polyurathained our floors in the living room and hallway. They turned out great. We really need to do our bedroom and the kids room but....just not the time right now. I also got the baby's room all prepared~because we only have 2 bedrooms upstairs and we don't feel comfortable spliting our family up yet we are putting the baby in the same room as Jyll's stuff. She doesn't sleep in there anyways so we figured what does it matter. At least we have a bed in there in case we just want to sleep in the same room as the baby at night. So we've divided the room up and I think it looks good. We are hoping to sell our house within the next few months and hopefully will be having a house built that has 3 bedrooms on one floor so we can all have our own bedroom :) Thats the plan.
Soo here are some pictures of the floors!