Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow baby

It snowed yesterday and Justin was outside plowing the driveway. Jyllian wanted to be outside too, so I told her she needed to get on her snowpants to go outside. She marched right into her room and got her snowsuit and boots and came in the kitchen. She looked at me and said "Outside?" So we put on her snowsuit and outside we went.

It was very cold outside but she didn't seem to care. She just stood there and watched her dad get the plow reading and plow the driveways around the neighborhood.

Before long we were sledding and having a grand ol' time. We were outside for well over an hour and she loved every minute of it. We walked, we played, and we sledded.

Jyllian can now say "outside, snow, cold, brrrrrr, snowman, and ice." If she is ready to go outside she will go and get her jacket and then put it on and stand next to the door and say "Outside, momma outside." She'll either continue this until we give in and take her outside, or she gets bored standing there and finds something else to do.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Slide Show

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Hat

We are planning on heading to Thermopolis in the next couple of weeks and so we needed to get Jyllian a new swimsuit as her old one was getting a little too small. A 6 month swimsuit for a 19th month old--I'd say a little small. So we went to the mall this weekend and got her a new one. When we got home she of course wanted to put it on...
So after she put it on, she wanted to wear her hat that goes with it. The hat is pretty neat as it will cover up her ears in the summertime so they don't get burnt. She is not a huge fan of hats so we were quite surprised when she wanted to wear it. After we got on her swimsuit and hat she then decided that she needed her jacket to go outside in order to go swimming. Little did she know that we would not actually go swimming today, but she still looked pretty cute!

So then we took this cute picture of Justin and Jyllian with their hats on! We were just delighted that she even wanted to wear one. Fun! Fun!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Is it a dog or a small horse?

Okay so most of you know that our dog Zeb is a little big--but he is the biggest love you'll ever meet. He absolutely adores Jyllian and she adores him too. Often times we find Jyllian lying on the floor right next to Zeb. Although he doesn't always like her lying on him, he will allow her to lay next to him. We took some pretty cute pictures last night of Jyllian and Zeb that are too cute not to share. This shows just how big Zeb really is in comparison to our little Jyllie Bean!

Big Zeb, Little Jyllian

I love my Zebbie!

Going in for a kiss...