Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that your day was as wonderful as ours. We were blessed to be surrounded by family. Justin's Dad Ed and his wife Linda were able to come as well as Linda's kids John + his two kids Brianna and Michael, and Kathy. Mom and Shane also joined us. So we had a houseful. We ate at mom's this year, and it was just really nice to be around the people we care most about. It was a very nice day and what made it even better was the wonderful food we got to eat :)
We got some cute pictures of Jyllian--eating pie and riding the horse (AKA Justin) around mom's living room. Everyone got a pretty big kick out of her entertainment :)
Hope this finds you well and having a wonderful start to the Holiday Season!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Falling Leaves

Although the wind was blowing 70 mph today, we decided to get some much needed raking in and try and make our yard look a little better. So Jyllian, mom and I went out and started raking leaves into pile. Jyllian of course loved to play in the leaves and we had to get pictures.
After awhile of raking and them blowing away we finally decided that Justin should just get the lawn mower and mow them so he did! It looks 100 times better than it would have if we would have just raked them.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Jyllian was a Snow Princess for Halloween. She looked adorable and we loved hearing her say "Snow Princess." She leaves off the S in Snow so she says "No Princess."
She actually got to wear her costume twice. The first time was on Saturday, October 27th when Douglas had a Halloween Party for all the kids downtown. We got to go trick or treating downtown at the local merchants, had a hotdog lunch at Jackalope Square, and a costume contest. She really enjoyed that! Then on Halloween she went to Daycare and so she got to go to a Halloween Party at the school--Jamie's daughter is in 1st Grade so Jyllian went to her party and enjoyed that. Then they did some trick or treating downtown during the day. At 4:00 First Baptist Church put on a Harvest Fest at the Rec Center and I met Jamie and Jyllian along with the rest of the kids there. They had a lot of air games-the big blow up slides, and mazes etc. Jyllian was a little too small to go on most, but she did get to go down the slide. I am attaching a picture of her friend Luke going down the slide and then Jyllian after she went down it. My camera did go off in time to get Jyll's b/c she went down soo quickly after Luke went down. But she enjoyed that. After we left the Rec Center we went to the Hospital where the 1st floor was giving out candy. They had a little maze around the first floor and you had to follow the pumpkins but they were handing out candy. Jyllian was excited because she got to see her Grammie! We got a lot of candy there. By the time we were done it was a little after 5:00 and Grammie was done with work, so Jyllian walked with Grammie to her house. I ran up to our house to get Justin. Mom took Jyll around to a few houses by her and went trick-or-treating (Jyllian says Trit-Treat). Once Justin/I got there we walked to the bank--they were having a BBQ and giving out the new Wyoming Quarters to the first 1000 kids. So we went there and got her quarter and some food and of course more candy. We then went to a few more houses of people we know and then headed out to Shanes to get more candy. We stayed there for awhile until I was too exhausted and ready to go home. Jyllian of course was on a sugar high from eating soo much candy. But she really enjoyed it. Next year will be fun with two little ones--although our baby will only be a few months old. Things to look forward to! Enjoy the pictures :)

Jyllian on Satruday trick-or-treating downtown
Luke going down the slide. You can see Jyll at the top in the White
Jyllian at the bottom of the slide
Me and Jyllian getting ready to go Trick-Or-Treating
"Here I Come! Trit or Treet!"

Saying Trick-Or-Treat!

Waiting patiently to go.
Grabbing candy at Uncle Shane's House