Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update on our Summer!

Jyllian rarely wants to wear a hat so when she does we have to take cute pictures. These ones turned out super cute. What can I say....she is just the cutest thing ever :) I guess I am a little biased. In some of the them you can really tell she is saying "cheese!"
The car is one of her birthday presents from us. She just loves to "drive" her car. She always wants to take her car "wif me"
We also had her 2 year check-up today with her pediatrician. She has finally made some weight gains as she was always in the low percentile for weight. She weighs 23lbs, and is 33 inches tall. She is just under the 25th percentile for both heigh and weight. Yay! It just goes to show when your healthy how much you can grow. She is just such a happy little girl and is learning so much. I counted and she already knows over 160 words. She is able to put sentencs together and is really starting to ask questions like "Wheres Dadda at?" Her big one now is "Where is grandpa at" since my grandpa, Jyllian's great-grandpa just left. She got soo attached to him. She is able to name the pictures in books, name the pictures that are on her wall, she can count up to 5, and say some of the letters of the alphabet. We are starting to get her potty trained. I have no clue what I am doing, but we are getting there. She loves being able to wear big girl panties..so thats been our incentive. So all in all she is doing great. I am really enjoying my summer with her and I know it will be very difficult to go back to work in the fall! We are all doing great though. Justin stays busy with work. He has lots of overtime as they got grant money for DUI's, Speeding and Forest Service. So most nights on his working days he stays and works late. The money is great and I guess since Jyllian and I are sleeping we are not missing much time with him. All in all the summer is going awesome! Look for more pictures to be coming as we are getting ready to go on our family vacation next week. Hope this finds you doing wonderfully! Check back soon.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

2 year Pictures

Well we had an appointment today to get Jyllian her 2 Year Pictures. We got her hair all fixed, a pretty dress on and she was just soo excited to say "Cheese..." Somehow between the time we got her all ready the 15 minute waiting period before we went into the studio to get her pictures taken she changed her mind (not like that ever happens) and she would not have anything to do with getting her picture taken. She kept saying "No chesse momma, no chesse. I wanna go buh-bye." She was crying and carrying on....so we left. I was a little bummed about it but when we were having a picnic afterwards at the park she decided she wanted her picture taken and so we were able to get some really cute pictures of her. Justin says they are better than what we would have gotten at the studio...I don't know if I agree, but they did turn out pretty cute. Only problem was the wind was blowing (I know imagine that) and so her hair did get a a little messed up, but all in all they turned out great! We then were able to take them to Walmart and get some enlargements. Super Cute!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family Time!

Justin decided it was time we got outside and did something today, so off we went in the truck to go on a hike in the mountains. This is something we have been meaning to do for quite some time and keep saying we are going to do it and never have so it was great to get up there and actually do it. When Jyllian was born we had gotten a pack to carry her in and besides using around the house when she was small we never got to use it, so this was the perfect opportunity. We were not really sure where to go as we weren't familiar with most of the trails around the area, but decided to go up to Esterbrooke Campground as Justin thought he remembered there being a trail head there. We got some really beautiful pictures of our hike and look forward to doing it again--maybe one that isn't sooo steepe. In the some of the pictures you can see how it goes straight up in most places. Still it was absolutely beautiful and just what we needed. We are hoping to make more hikes on his days off! I am glad we had the pack as Jyllian would not have been able to "hike" it by herself and we would have ended up carrying her. The pack was much easier--or at least it looks easier. I guess I should ask Justin if it actually was :)

Just starting out. We had to get a family picture :)

and a cute one of Jyllian and Justin too :)

The hike up the hill. See it is steepe! But we are alittle out of shape too :)

View from going up the mtn.
Pretty Flower!
Almost to the top!

At the top. We stopped to take a rest.

View from the top of the mtn.

On the way back down.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The weather was perfect and we were around family and friends celebrating our Jyllie Bean's 2nd Birthday. She really enjoyed today. She got lots of awesome gifts that we of course had to play with both at the party and at home. Thank you to: Mom, Grandpa, Ed, Linda, Ann, Vikki, Matt, Amy, Jacob, Tyler, Missie, Brooke, Shane, Brandee, Baily for making her day so special.

Friday, June 15, 2007

All Fixed

Just wanted to let you know that we went to Denver Children's Hospital for Jyllian's Annual Checkup for her Urinary Reflux yesterday. After going through several tests...all of which Jyllian was just MISERABLE, sobbing and screaming hysterically--Okay so was I, we were able to get some good news. The Dr. said she is all fixed. Yay! We were super excited to hear this news as I refused to put Jyllian through the torture of the tests ever again. We no longer have to have her on antibiotics daily like we've had to for the past year, and will no longer have to go to see the Urology Dept at the Children's Hospital. The news couldn't have been better. Jyllian was excited too..the minute the Dr. said she was fixed and she didn't have to come back, she got off my lap, walked to the door and waved at the Dr. while saying "buh-bye, See-Ya!" It was soo cute. Just thought you'd like to know...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Safe Baby

What can we say...at least she wants to be safe. Sunglasses to protect her eyes and a helmet to protect her head-she is ready to go. Now if we could only get her to wear them when she is outside on her bike. At least she is taking the first step :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

What Not To Wear!

Jyllian decided today to dress herself. We just had to take a picture because it was too cute. I think we could definatly classify this as a "What Not To Wear." She had a solid shirt, striped shorts and polka dot shoes. At least the colors all matched. She'll love this picture when she is older :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mt. Rushmore with Great Grandpa

My grandpa, who will be 87 in October, came out to visit us for the 2nd time in one year. We are so excited to have him back out here with us. He seems to really enjoy himself while here. The last time he was here was in late Nov.-late Dec. Although we were able to show him some of the sights around Wyoming...it was so cold out that it was hard for him to really enjoy them. So this time we were able to do more. One of the things we did was take him up to Deadwood SD to do some gambling and then on to Mt. Rushmore. He really enjoyed this as he has heard so much about the faces but never thought he would ever get to see them. The minute we pulled up he just cried. It was sad, but at the same time we were thankful that we were able to take him there and he was able to see it at least once in his lifetime. We sure enjoyed our time with him and look forward to him coming back out. He says he wants to come back in September so we will see!