Monday, November 27, 2006

Hanging out with Kellan

For Thanksgiving this year we were blessed to spend it with both Kylea's family and Justin's family. Brad, Karyn, Kellan; Ed and Linda all came from Justin's family and then Diane, Shane and Diane's Dad (grampa) were there too. Jyllian and Kellan got to play together which was so cute to watch. At first Jyllian was very sweet to Kellan and let him play with all of her toys. She would gladly share anything with him. But towards the end of the first night she had had enough of being nice and began to take the toys back from him. Still it was cute. Kellan would just look at her like who do you think you are missie!

On Thanksgiving Day we went to Shane's new house to eat Thanksgiving dinner. It was yummy and a very nice day spent with family. We hope to be able to do this more often as it was so nice to have both families together. Here are some cute pictures taken through the weekend.

Auntie Karyn and Cousin Kellan

Jyllian and Kellan

Auntie Karyn and Jyllie Bean

Granddad Ed, Kellan and Jyllian

Justin, Jyllian and Kellan