Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

To celebrate Independence Day we decided to take a float down the river. We were a little nervous about Jyllian, and this being her first time in a raft with a life jacket, but thought we might as well give it a chance. We decided to take a short float--only an hour long. Justin had gotten a raft for his birthday last year from Jyllian and today would be the first chance we would get to try it out. Shane and mom were coming along too. We got all the rafts filled up and we took off...we soon found out we didn't have enough air in our raft as we were all three sitting in puddles of water. We also soon found out that Jyllian does not like a life jacket, and we probably should have brought some milk for her to drink with us. She cried for awhile....and we decided we should have probably only taken a 1/2 hour float. Oh well we still had fun.
After we floated we brought Jyll home to take a nap before heading up to Casper for this Fourth of July Extravaganza. It turned out to be not very much fun at all and we only stayed for like 10 minutes. We payed $10 for 10 minutes. We went and got ice cream and went to the park to let Jyll play. Okay we played too....
We grabbed something to eat and came back to Douglas. Justin went to work...and mom and I attempted to go watch the fireworks. Only Jyllian wasn't having anything to do with that, so instead we stayed home and watched them on TV.
So it wasn't the most exciting 4th of July we've ever had. But we were thankful to be together and to be in this wonderful country where we are free! Happy Independence Day Everyone!!!