Saturday, October 20, 2007

Baby Number 2 on the Way!

We thought it was time that we could let everyone know that we are expecting baby number two! We are super excited! Jyllian is ready to be a big sister. We are 12 weeks this week so the first trimester is almost over. We are due May 8th, 2008. We've had our first ultrasound a few weeks ago. All looked great. We've had 2 Dr. appointments now. So far we are looking good. The baby is growing right were s/he needs to be and we got to hear the heartbeat last week at our Dr. apt. It is the most amazing thing ever to hear. We will have another ultrasound next week and I will try and post some other pictures. In the picture this time all you can really see is a blob :) But s/he is our little blob :) and we are already in love with him/her.
Our feelings on what the sex??? Well we think its a boy--as this pregnancy has been SOOO different than with Jyllian, but then again every pregnancy is different so who really knows. We will find out at 20 weeks as long as we have a coooperative child this time around. Jyllian never let us find out so we were surprised.
I've been feeling pretty icky--sick a lot and very exhausted. Just ready for 2nd trimester so I can get a little more energy and not be soo cranky! Poor Justin and kids at school. But we will get through it.
Hope you enjoy the pics of the ultrasound! Its not the greatest, but at least you can see that we are indeed pregnant! Yay!!!