Thursday, February 07, 2008

Family Update

I haven't posted in awhile...needless to say we have all been busy since Christmas. It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas morning, and here next week will be Valentine's Day. Where does the time go?? But believe me I am glad it is going fast--we are anxious for May to get here. It seems to not get here soon enough, but we enjoying our time with our little Jyllie Bean and each other before our world gets turn upside down again with a new baby. All is going well in the pregnancy area...I am in week 28 so have officially made it to the 3rd and final trimester! Yay!!! As everyone at work tells me, I finally look pregnant--not sure if thats a good thing or not. I definatly feel pregnant and with this pregnancy being sooo different than with Jyllian I am feeling all sorts of things I never did with her. I have 2 more months of working before I start my maternity leave. I plan to be done at 37 weeks to give me some time off before the baby comes and after. We are done with school on the 29th of May so if I worked up to my due date I would only take 4 weeks off so I had 2 extra weeks that I am using prior to delivering. And if we are lucky we will deliver early and I will have that precious little boy in my arms. Jyllian is getting really excited for him to be here although she is convinced she is having a baby sister. She looks at my tummy and says "Hi baby sister" it is too cute. I know she will be a great big sister. She keeps telling us she will help by getting her a baby bottle, and her blankie. I am nervous how she will be when he actually gets here but we will see. We are glad we chose Douglas this time around as the convience of having our Dr. right here is sooo nice. I am sure it will be nice when we actually deliver as well.
Justin is staying busy with work as well. It was so nice at Christmas time for him to have time off. We really enjoyed spending the time off together since I was off too. He has been busy training other new deputies and is still very active in the Search and Rescue as well. It keeps him very busy but he sure enjoys it. They changed the work times that they work so he now has 2 shifts days and nights. Days goes from 6am-4pm and Nights start at 5pm and go to 3am. Although he hasn't worked too many of the day shifts we sure enjoy him being home at 4pm. Jyllian loves having her daddy around. Nights are hard on us all. Jyllian doesn't understand why dad has to be at work when she goes to bed, and then she doesn't just let him sleep in the next morning-instead gets up at her regular time. I come home at 4:00 so I get to see him for about an hour before he heads back to work. So we don't see a whole lot of him on nights. I am looking forward to being home for 4 months once the baby gets here just so I am home when he is off too. That will be nice.
Jyllian is growing like a weed. She is constantly amazing us with all she knows. Gosh she is sooo smart and we have no idea where she is getting it from. She comes up with the randomest things to yesterday my mom was over for dinner and Jyllian looked at me and said "She is your mom?" A 2 year old thinking that concrete is amazing. She speaks in complete sentences majority of the time. She can talk on the phone to people and carry on quite the conversation. She most definatly can listen to choices and make a choice she wants where most children this age will just repeat the choice that is stated last. I wish we could admit that she is smart because we work with her daily and everything she knows if because of us--but with Justin having her on his days off, I having her on mine, daycare in between and mom always being around its no telling where she is getting it all from. I do have to say she is a huge fan Noggin (TV program) which is like preschool on TV everyday. She picks up a lot of things from that program. She can sing her ABC's, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald, Row Row Row your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus. It is too cute to listen to her sing. I am hoping to get a video of her on here soon. We have been terrible at taking pictures lately but will try to get some new ones on here soon. She is just too funny. She keeps us laughing :)
I don't think much else is going on in our busy lives. We work, we play with keeps us busy enough we don't need much else.
Hopefully I will be better at keeping this updated as the baby gets closer to arrival and then most definatly after he is here. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers that all continues to go well. Know we think of you often and miss you all!
Kylea, Justin, Jyllian and Littlest Boy!