Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

In past 5 years we have traveled to Minnesota 6 times and our family there has been out here to visit us 1 time. We had said we would not be coming to visit until someone came out here to visit us--well due to grandpa passing away we had to make an exception and we traveled to Minnesota--but thats it from now on until they come out here we are not going back :) Mom and Shane flew out on Monday morning as they had the entire week off, I was only able to get three days off so we were not able to fly until Wednesday. It was a pretty hectic day-we landed got to get changed and then off to the funeral home for part 1 of Grandpa's funeral; but it was still nice to be able to see everyone. It was the first time in a long time that we were all together--aunts, uncles, cousins (with the exception of one). I wish we could have gotten some pictures of us all, but we didn't.

Jyllian and Cohl both did awesome on the plane out to Minnesota. Cohl slept from right after we took off until just before we landed. Although my arm was completely numb for about an hour after we landed it was so worth it :) Jyllian got to sit in her own seat next to her dad and she was soooo excited. We had not flown since she was just over a year old so that was fun. She got the window seat and loved getting to look out. The plane trip back wasn't as pleasant, but still we made it safely and that is what matters after all!

I took a couple of pictures on the plane....