Thursday, July 02, 2009

To the Dr we go...

We took Cohl to the Urologist today for his year check-up. As mentioned in previous post he had an UTI last week and we were really hoping that the VUR that he has had fixed itself. Obviously since he had a UTI it had not fixed itself yet but the tests just confirmed that. Poor little guy had to have a ultrasound that by listening to him you would have thought it was the most painful thing ever and the end of the world was fastly approaching, and that wasn't even the worse of the two tests he needed. He finished that one and had to have the VCUG where they insert a catheter and then insert dye into his bladder to watch to see if it refluxes into the kidneys (which it did). But the Dr let him have a bottle during this and he was much calmer. I felt so bad for him. But the appt went well, he does stil have the reflux and he changed his daily antibiotic and we will see him again in month and then probably 6 months after that. We go to our regular Dr next week to have them re-run the urinalysis to make sure his UTI has gone away. Hopefully so. It was super scary with those high temps!!! So that is the newest info on our little boy.
In much happier news he is really cruising around with walking. He is able to stand up and squat down and back up again several times. He is already weight training :) He is talking up a storm and we love it. There are times that we think will he ever be quiet :) but its cute. He has quite the personality! And we are shocked at how early sibling rivelery starts. They can be so mean to each other but yet love each other so much. Its cute! I'm sure we will have plenty of pictures of them to come! Oh yea we got family photos taken and they turned out adorable. I will some of those later!