Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Month Closer....

It is March. Yay! That means spring is on it way...right?!!? I sure hope so. We are tired of winter here even though it has been pretty mild. We haven't gotten tons of snow which we would have glady been happy if we would have gotten snow...that is snow without the freezing below zero temps and high winds. Unfortunately that doesn't seem in exist in good o' Wyoming. If it snows below zero and high winds are right there along with it. Bummer. But regardless we haven't gotten a lot of snow, we've had plenty of COLD days though, cold days that we still had school-even when it was 40 below! Brrrrr. So Spring come on this way we are ready for you!
The rest of February went well. We were busy all month long and had something going on pretty much every weekend. The first weekend brought the Super Bowl. Justin was thrilled to see Green Bay finally back in the super bowl-he has only been a packers fan since he was in middle school. We watched the game at home because he was on call so he had to stay home and be in uniform in case something happened. Super Bowl Sunday was also the first night of Jyllian's Ice Skating lessons! She loved it....well not at first. She had a difficult time at first, but come to find out she ended up being sick (more on that later.) She had skating every Sunday for a little over a month and has gotten pretty good. She can at least do more than just walk like a duck on the ice :) We have gotten to practice one other time outside of lessons and she did really well. She just needs to build her confidence in herself on the ice.
We started out with a walker...but that didn't work. SO....
                    Soon I went out in hopes to help her out...I had no idea what I was trying to tell her :)
                                                             She started to do it on her own!
                            With the help of one of the other adults she finally started to get the hang of it!
                                            And she is on her own! We were so proud of her!
Cohl of course wanted to go out there too. So I took him on the ice!

Just a few cute pics of our bug!

That night after we first went skating, we got home and Jyllian was whining that her legs really hurt. I of course thought it was just because she had been skating and maybe a little bit of growing pains too. She crawled onto my lap and she felt really warm...took her temp and it was 103. Oh okay maybe she is getting sick I thought. Got her comfortable and we went to bed. All night she had a fever and in the morning I told her to just stay home and see if that helped her to feel better. She didn't really have any other symptoms. As it got closer to the afternoon she started to feel worse, he throat was sore, her head heart body ached and her fever was still around 102-103. The next few days got worse her fever got up to 104.8 she was have some fever dreams, but I figured it was just Influenza, she had it over the 48 hour window so what was the point of bringing her in. By Thursday she was feeling better and she had a big Kindergarten Music Program that night that she wanted to go to, so I thought well she doesn't have a fever so I will send her to school. She refused to eat breakfast, refused to eat lunch and ended up going home at lunch time with another 103 fever. She napped all day and I made an apt at the dr for the next morning. She was determined to go to her concert and after talking to my peeps at school who reassured me to send her we took her to the concert (I had to be there anyways) We gave her medicine for her fever and she was able to make it through the very short (30 mins) we were back home in bed. The concert was very cute and she did really well. We unfortunately did NOT get a good picture as Jyllian was facing her music teacher the entire time rather than standing facing the audience :)

Friday morning we took her in to the dr...they ran several tests thinking that she had Mono and not the flu, but also tested for the flu. So she had blood work taken (NIGHTMARE! I swear our hospital has no idea how to handle children!), swabbed for strep (also a NIGHTMARE!) and then the influenza test which is pretty uninvasive but she was so upset after the whole blood ordeal that she was just done. We went back and watied in the dr's office for the results. Everything came back negative except for the Influenza test--she had influenza. The dr was surprised just because how long she had had it, but put her on tamiflu along with the rest of us. So an entire week out of school poor thing! On Monday she was able to go back to school but then I got a call from the dr office that she did end up having Strep as it grew bacteria over the weekend! So bless her heart she was hit pretty hard. She's had a rough go this school year. Luckily the rest of us did not get it. Phew.
The 2nd weekend in February brought a suprise trip for Valentine's Day for me and Justin. I didn't know anything about and although it was only to Casper, the weekend was absouletly wonderful. Justin got up early Saturday morning, went and got McDonalds with the kids, brought me breakfast in bed and then went off and told me to be ready in an hour. He took the kids to my moms, and in an hour he was back at the house picking me up with flowers in hand. We went to Casper, went shopping where he sent me on my way to buy a new outfit-shoes and all. We had lunch and then we were off again to our next desitination--ice skating ourselves. I hadn't been on ice skates since I was probably 7/8 years old. It was fun but I am not as daring in my old age as I was back then! After skating he took me to our motel so we could relax a bit and then get ready for our evening. We went to a movie and dinner and ended our evening back at the motel with some drinks. It was the perfect weekend away! I so enjoyed it and it was seriously just what we needed. The kids had a great time with Grammie. They always love being at her house.
Up next we headed to colorado for President's Day weekend. We spent 4 wonderful days in Colorado. We went skiing while the kids stayed with our family friends. They took them to the zoo and the weather perfect. Our skiing trip was fabulous too. The weather on the mtn was gorgeous! Couldn't ask for a better day. We also enjoy our time down there and look forward to our next trip!
The last weekend in February our good friends Adrienne, Joe and son Breken came to visit. Adrienne is now selling Tastefully Simple and so I did a party for her. The food was sooo yummy. Joe is an electrician so he was able to help Justin with the electrical in the basement so we can get to working on finishing it. We have one room sheet rocked...just need to mud/tape and paint it. It feels good to get it started. We were thankful that Joe was able to help us our. Our wknd was cut short though because Joe's mom was life flighted to Casper and then on to Denver due to 2 brain aneursyms. One had burst and she needed to have surgery. Thankfully she is doing much better and is still recovering in the hospital in Denver. Please keep them in your prayers!
So that sums up our month of adventures. It is crazy that March is already here and we are almost half way finished with it. I mean March Madness is in full swing, spring break is just around the corner (at which time I get to have my wisdom teeth taken out! fun times for me!), and April is right after that. I am thankful that we are ANOTHER MONTH CLOSER to Summer time. Bring on warm days, hanging at the pool, camping with the family, and just loving on my kids while we are all home together. Oh how I love summer!