Monday, September 17, 2007

State Fair

In August, Douglas hosts the Wyoming State Fair. Of course those of you from around here already know that, but for those of you who live far away wouldn't. Anyways, State Fair always brings: rodeos, food, games, carnivals, crafts and music. We generally head down there at least a few times to enjoy the fair. Last year was Jyllian's first fair experience as the year before we just didn't go. She of course was way too small to be able to ride any of the rides and figured this year she would be too, but we took her anyway. She loved the fair. She enjoyed seeing all the animals, listening to the music. NASA had a very cool display this year where you got to go into a 3-D simulator that showed what they expect to be able to do in the next few years, such as land on Mars. It was quite interesting. When we got to the carnival all of the rides said you had to be a certain height and we thought well she won't be able to ride them this year and we weren't too sure that she would even be interested in it. Boy were we wrong. She was very interested and excited to get on the rides. She was allowed to ride the carousel, and the boats and go through the Fun House. She was too small to ride most of them, but we rode the ones she could over and over again. We are looking forward to next year when she is able to ride more of the rides and enjoy it even more.
Hope you enjoy the pictures. The other little girl in the pictures is my friend Missie's little girl, Brooke.