Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our New House

We're Moving! Granted it is just across town, but still we are moving and we are pretty excited about it. When we moved into our current house 3.5 years ago we had not intention of staying in it forever. We started talking about putting it up for sale last year, but then threw around the idea of moving somewhere else rather than staying in Douglas. We looked into different towns in Wyoming, different states and finally decided that it would be best for us to just stay put. We both have good jobs, its a nice little town, and we've met some good people here. So we decided back in March that we would put the house up on the market July 1st and plan to have a house built in town. We created a 3 page list of things that we wanted to do to the house prior to putting it on the market. Nothing major, but lots of small little things. We knew it would take some time as Cohl was going to be arriving, and we knew once he was here we wouldn't be able to get a lot accomplished but figured we could get it done prior to July 1st. So much to my surprise my husband called me just 3 weeks after Cohl was born and said we sold our house. I said we haven't even put it on the market, are you serious.. Sure enough he was serious. It was a little stressful as we were not real sure what we were going to do. So I started looking at houses in the area--all of which were way over priced. We thought that since we were needing to be out of our house so much sooner than planned that a new construction was out of the picture. After looking at several homes we decided to talk to one of the contractors and see what he could do for us. It was our lucky day as they had a house that was in the process of being built, but was only framed. We went and looked at it, decided we liked it and that was that! SOLD! We were still able to pick out everything for the new house--the flooring, paint, cupboards, doors, countertops etc. So we feel like we are still getting "Our House" just didn't pick the floor plan prior to it being built. Still all in all it is just what we were looking for. 3 bedrooms 2 baths all on one level; 2 car garage; central air; full unfinished basement. Granted the location is not where I really wanted it to be, but we couldn't be too picky there and for 30K under the prices of the other homes we were looking at, we just couldn't beat it. So I am attaching some pictures we took tonight--it is all dry walled :) We should close and move into it the 2nd week in July. We are super excited and will update the pictures as they move further along on it. So many wonderful new changes happening to our family this summer! What a great year it has been so far :)

Front of the house
Living room looking into the kitchen/dining
Living room looking at stairwell to go downstairs into basement.

Stairs going down to basement

Entry way/Front door.