Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 Months Old

Wow has the time ever flown by. I can not believe that our littlest boy is already 2 months old. We've enjoyed every minute of it! It is so fun to see Jyllian interacting with Cohl. She is such a great big sister. She just adores him and loves to play with him although she doesn't quite understand why he can't play with her. She gets upset when he doesn't want to hold her hand, or won't smile at her. Its kind of funny.
Cohl is really becoming his own unique self with his own personality. He is very smiley and likes to laugh. He can roll over from his belly to his back but hasn't quite figured out from his back to belly yet. We took him in to the Dr. at 8 weeks not for his 2 month check but because he was throwing up a lot and he weighed 10lbs. We take him in for his 2 month check on the 8th of July even though he will be 10 weeks by then. So we will see what he weighs then. He is doing really well and we are just sooo in love with both our kiddos! Hope you enjoy the pictures!