Sunday, August 31, 2008

4 Months

So Cohl is officially 4 months old!!! I know I say this alot but really where has the time gone....makes me sad at how fast time goes by when they are this small. He is doing soooo awesome. He is growing so big--and is just the happiest little guy around. Everyone gets a kick out of him and how happy he is and love his little laugh. He seriously giggles! Its sooo cute. He can roll both ways now--even though he prefers to be on his back--not a huge fan of being on his belly--and really tries to sit up. We don't think it will be long before he will sit on his own. He loves to pull himself up to a stand when holding onto our hands. He is SO Strong! Its amazing. So he is good. We take him for his 4 month check next week so he will actually be 19 weeks but technically didn't turn 4 months until August 30th...I know confusing. So we will see what his stats are.
Here are some pictures of him eating cereal for the first time--as you can see he was not a huge fan of it--much prefered his bottle; also him laying on the floor; and him playing in his Jump-a-roo~he really enjoyed this. We also bought him one of the bumbo seats--and he likes that too.
I am also putting some pictures of Jyllian in her Hannah Montana dress up clothes. She is obsessed with Hannah Montana--we just can't believe how much she loves that girl :) Pretty funny watching her dance and sing to the songs.
What is this??
Ummm not sure I like this
Really mom I am not real fond of this
Really mom?!?!
Now this is what I am talking about!
Bouncy Bouncy
Peek I see you Mom!
Belly time
Cute Cars Butt!

Even his feet touch :) He is such a big boy!

Our Litt'l Rockstar!!!