Monday, August 18, 2008

State Fair

So as most of you know the Wyoming State Fair takes place in Douglas every year. Its always a busy time--lots of people and always gives us something fun to do--and always makes me realize that school is literally just around the corner as we start the following week. This year we knew that Jyllian would have a blast at the carnival and so we were able to take her twice. We did head out of town for a couple of days during the fair so we weren't around for all of it, but we got our share. Here are just a few pictures of Jyllian enjoying the rides--note that Shane and Justin are in many of them! Jyllian got them to ride along with her :) Fun Fun times. She is such a dair-devil. She rode the Pirate Ship and wanted to ride some of the "big kid" rides that go upside down and really fast! She is too funny! And even Cohl enjoyed all the lights and noise of the fair.

Jyllian riding the Flinestones Car

Justin and Cohl just taking everything in

Our Littest Boy--isn't he soo cute :)

Jyllian catching some fish!
Shane coming off the slide from the Fun House
Jyllian and Shane on the Pirate Ship
Pirate Ship--she would even put her hands up :)
More of the Flinestone Cars

Shane and Jyll on the Roller Coaster (last car)

Shane enjoying the Roller Coaster :)
Jyll and Shane again on the Roller Coaster