Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Growing Baby....

Cohl is officially 6 months and as much as that makes me sad to say and think about...it is a very exciting and fun time in his life. There are just so many things that he is able to do right now! His new trick is continuous rolling to get to the place he wants to go. It is hillarious. He will also sit from time to time but mainly wants to be moving so rolling is his new thing.

We had his 6 month check-up actually on time this time and he is growing. He has grown 2 inches since his 4 month check putting him in the 30 %-tile for height and is just under 15 lbs so that puts him in the 10th %-tile for weight. Yay Cohl!!! We are just so happy with his growth and development.

Cohl just adores his sister and smiles and laughs every time he see's her. I know I know this will change one day but for now it is the cutest thing ever. Jyllian also adores her baby brother. She is always "helping" him by doing things for him. I have been trying to get Cohl to crawl as he is really attempting it and I will put a toy in front of him to get him to go for it and our little Jyllie-Bean being the big helper she is will just give it to him.

And so that completes this post! Our little boy is for sure growing and I am not too sure how that really makes me feel---glad that he is of course growing but sad because my baby boy is getting so big! *SIGH*