Saturday, November 01, 2008


Another Halloween has come and gone. We had a wonderful day and night. Jyllian got to have TWO costumes. Yes she is spoiled! She was a princess (of course) and then she decided that she wanted a costume like Cohl's which was a puppy! So there you have it--two. We were lucky to find a puppy costume in her size-that was until I washed it and it shrunk but still it was cute. She wore her princess costume to her preschool party and later the night of Halloween trick or treating. Her party at school didn't turn out the best. Justin was gone to training in Idaho Falls so he was not able to attend her party. I took the morning off so that I could go but all she wanted to do was go home. She didn't want to take part in the games and I of course had to be right next to her side the entire time. Miss Kendra said it was very out of character for her... when the party was over I headed to work and Jyllian went to the babysitter. This was on Thursday the 30th; on Friday both her and Cohl went to the babysitter's. I picked her up as soon as I got off work and brought them home for naps before going trick-or-treating. We started off at the hospital and then hit a few houses around my mom's house before coming home to eat some dinner and wait for Justin to get home. Once he got home, Jyll changed into her princess costume and we went to the houses here on our street. We came home and handed out candy before going to bed. PHEW another Halloween come and gone! I can honestly say I am not that "into" Halloween, and I can tell that Jyllian enjoys dressing up but really isn't all that excited about the actual holiday. Maybe she will be more into it next year!?!?! And Mr. Cohl he was just happy that someone was holding him, he didn't care if he was dressed as a cute puppy or not! In someone's arms and he is happy :) So here's to Halloween~hope you had a great one.