Monday, December 15, 2008

Pray For Baby Kayleigh

Ok I'm asking for prayers for this poor family. I came across her story from being a part of a Baby Board where moms can chat with each other. I have been following their blog since Kayleigh was born in June. You can read the blog by clicking below, but in short this little girl who was supposed to be born with all these health problems, the Dr's tried to talk the parents into having an abortion. They chose not to, and ended up going into preterm labor and delievering Kayleigh very early. She weighed only a pound when born. She had the typcial struggles of a preemie, but none of the health problems the Drs said she would have. Yay God for proving them wrong!! She was doing awesome and was even going to get to come home and then a few days prior to getting to things started to go down hill, she recovered and was on the up, and now things are not good. They pretty much have this one last chance (as the Dr's say) and that is this new medicine which is pretty much the combination of all the medicines she has been on that have not worked, and if it doesn't work then she will not be able to survive. She has made it through so many struggles, and if she could just make through this one. I know that if it is God's will that he wants her to come home then that is what will happen, but they are asking for prayers and so I too am asking for your prayers. This family could sure use them!!
Thank You!