Monday, December 15, 2008

Some Much Needed Pictures/Update

Hello. Once again its been awhile since I've posted anything about us so thought it was time. We are doing good. All of us are healthy at the moment so that is good--well I still have a terrible cough but feel fine otherwise. The kids are FINALLY healthy after being sick with one thing or another since the beginning of October!!! No I am not kidding. It was a LONG couple of months where they just continued to get some sort of bug right after another. It was awful. So I think we are on the up and up from all that.
Justin is staying super busy with work and everything else that goes with work. He enjoys his days off but it seems that even on his days off he is still having to do something for work. Poor just never seems to go away :) We are excited that he has some days off while I am on vacation from school.
I too am staying busy with work. Gosh am I every looking forward to Christmas Break!!! It really could not get here any sooner. Its been a long few weeks since Thanksgiving and the kids and I both need the break. I have so enjoyed my class so far though. I have a great group of Kindergartners!!! I am constantly amazed at the growth they are showing. I do have to admit that these kids show growth much more often than first graders. It seems like every week someone is doing somthing they couldnt the week before. So that is super exciting. I am loving it, but its time for a break :)
Jyllian is loving school! She goes to preschool two days a week. We just got her "report card" on Tuesday and she is doing awesome. She is such a smart little girl and such a sweetie. We are glad she is doing so great at school. She is also being busy at home by doing "school-work", constantly drawing, dancing and singing. She is anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival and is convinced she is getting a Swimming Baby from him....guess Santa and Mrs. Claus better make sure she has one of those under the tree Christmas morning :) She is a great big sister to Cohl and loves to feed him. I am pretty sure that more food gets on his bib then in his mouth but still its cute.
Cohl is growing growing growing. Holy cow can you believe he will be 8 months soon!!! I am still in shock over it. It really doesn't seem that long ago. It makes me sad. He still is not crawling...but does attempt to do so. He just gets mad and realizes he can roll and get to where he wants to go much faster. Its pretty comical watching him roll all over the place. He does love to sit up and stand. He still doesn't have any teeth either although there has been many times we've thought it could be any time now. He has been so miserable with it, but they just won't come through. He loves to laugh, and smile at us. It is too cute! We have to admit that he is pretty darn cute--but we are a little biased :)
Sooo I think that is about it. We hope that you are all doing wonderful!!! Keep checking as we will put up some pictures in the upcoming days of Christmas and all its festivities :)