Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Storm January 23-28

A snowstorm hit on Friday and although we didn't think we would get much out of it but ended up getting over a foot by the time the storm was over Monday afternoon. I guess it was a combination of three separate storms. We were thrilled to get the snow--but we had also been enjoying 60 degree weather the week prior. Crazy Wyoming Weather!!! The storm started Friday and snowed all day Friday, all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday. As you've read in my previous post we went to Playhouse Disney Live on Sunday and were thankful that the roads were okay enough for us to go up to Casper to watch the show. By the time we left it was pretty much a blizzard but luckily we had over 500lbs of railroad ties (we're using them in our backyard for landscaping) in the back of the truck and the the right lane once again was clear so we made it safely home. I was pretty surprised Monday morning when I woke up at 5:00 to find out we did indeed have school. We had about 13 inches of snow by that time and the roads were CRAPPY, even an NO Unnecessary Travel was in effect for in town, but we had school. So I loaded the kids up for daycare and headed out with the truck. Of course this was after Justin unloaded the 500+lbs of railroad ties so that they were not sticking out the back of the truck. We thought we would maybe get out of school early on Monday but no such luck. The wind was supposed to pick up Monday night so maybe no school Tuesday?!!?! Well when I woke up to the phone ringing saying no school (we have a calling tree) I checked the temp outside and it was 29 below zero that was without the windchill. BRRRRRRRRR!!! I was pretty glad for no school. The wind never really picked up but it also never got above zero all day Tuesday. Tuesday night the wind did pick up and we ended up not having school today either. Yay for me!!! I got to spend two days at home with my kids and hubby. We havent gotten to spend days off together in over a month. The wind caused a lot of drifting and we had about a 4 foot drift in our backyard, and when we opened out front door there was a 2 foot drift there. This evening when we went to feed to the dogs we opened the door to go outside from the garage and found yet another drift. Too funny. I am pretty positive that we will have school tomorrow but I sure did enjoy these two days off!!! A nice break from work. Hope you enjoy the pictures of our snow :)

snow drift from garage door
view from our back window of the mountains

Jyllians bike burried

12+ inches of snow

9 inches of snow on Sunday evening


The Holzwarth's said...

Crazy! You gotta love Wyoming weather don't you? Yay for getting time at home with your hubby and babies!!