Monday, January 26, 2009

Playhouse Disney Live

In order to make up for not getting to go to Backyardigans Live in December (they ended up canceling the show due to the Economy--BUMMER!) we bought tickets to see Playhouse Disney Live. Jyllian was pretty excited about this and has been talking about it for weeks now. Two of her friends also got tickets with us so we all were going. Of course the weather had to get bad on Friday and continued to snow on Saturday. We were unsure if we were going to get to go or not, but we braved the weather and roads to make it on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). Luckily the right lane of the interstate was clear so we were able to make it there without a problem. We went to the mall, had some lunch, did some shopping and then headed to the Events Center. Wow was there ever a lot of people for such a poopy weather day! We were on the floor and had my battery not died on my camera and had I brought my cellphone in with me I would have gotten some decent pictures....but my camera did die and I did leave my cell in the truck so needless to say I didn't get too many good pictures! I was pretty bummed. But the 2 pictures I did get I will put on here.
Jyllian loved it!!! She was glued. Cohl on the other hand slept through most of it, but was really into it while he was awake. I didn't think he would fall asleep as it was SO loud, and he does not usually fall asleep in my arms (we are lucky that he is such a good sleeper and falls asleep all on his own, unlike his wonderful sister who to this day still has to have us right there with her when she goes to sleep!), but he did. He was amazed by all of the lights and one of his favorite shows to watch is Little Einstiens. The show had Handy Manny and his tools, Pooh, Tiger, Darbie, Little Einsteins, Mickey, Minney and Goofy. Super cute show and well worth the money!!!
Wish I would have gotten better pictures, but oh well we still had a great time :)

Handy Manny and Mr. Lopard (sp?)
Handy Manny and his Tools!

The maillady in the Hundred Acre Woods