Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A busy boy and a precious girl!

Here are some pictures we thought you'd enjoy of our sweet kids....They keep us on our toes as I am sure you can see. Enjoy! Much Love <3

Jyllian has turned into quite the artist :) I was sooo excited when she started drawing people. And this is developmentally where she should be drawing the arms and legs from the head :) Too funny. So in this picture she drew Grammie, her friend Brook, herself and Cohl. Grammie is much bigger because as Jyllian says "she's big!" and Cohl is small because "he's a baby!" So smart :)

Here is our princess with her new haircut. As you can see she has LOTS of layers now. Its cute...and she still has her curls so I guess thats what important as that is the reason nobody wanted ME to cut her hair in the first place. We will cut it in the summer though to even it all out again. Layers are a pain in the butt :)

Yep Mr. Cohl is now standing--he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING!!!! And he just loves it. He can stand by himself for about 10 seconds but falls over. He can walk alon furniture but is not anywhere close to walking yet!

He loves to play with his toys!

Every time we go into his room to get him from his nap or in the morning this is what we find. He is always standing up, and we are finding it more difficult to get him to lay down for a nap as he is always wanting to PLAY instead :)!!!!
Isn't this face just priceless?!?!?! He is just tooooo CUTE! We love him to pieces ;)

Needless to say we stay pretty busy with these two. There is not too many dull moments. Justin loves it when I put the kids to bed and then I go to bed too--its his down time ;) I'm not sure when I have my down time... We are just loving every minute of it!!!


The Holzwarth's said...

They are both SO cute!! Love all the pictures!! How fun that Jyll is drawing people now! Alexa hasn't gotten to that yet. They are changing so fast!! Love ya!