Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Run of BAD Luck?!?

I think we can say that we have had a rough start to the 2009 year! We are really looking forward to March--you know St. Patrick's Day...Luck of the Irish...Four Leaf Clovers! We are not Irish but maybe just maybe it will work out for us anyways :) We're hopeful.
Here is just a quick run-down of what has been going on in our house since the beginning of January without a lot of details...
January brought a lot of drama--we felt as though we were living in a soap opera. We had to change babysitters due to some accusations our babysitter made about her husband causing her to have to leave town...lets just say when DCI (the State FBI) showed up at our house we felt like we were in a movie. Finding a new babysitter in Douglas is really really hard even though its a town of 7,000. But we did find one and we LOVE her although she is really expensive!
February has brought sickness and LOTS of Hospital visits. The kids have started another continuous round of getting sick all starting with a cold, and then the stomach flu and now another bad case of the cold is back. Poor Cohl has been sick once again continuously since the beginning of February. In the last two weeks he has gotten 2 teeth with another popping up; been sick with the stomach flu which he is still not completely over with and now has a really bad cold. Can we say bless his heart! He is soooo miserable. Although we are NOT happy that he is sick we are just loving how cuddly he is. He is not a cuddly baby but is very much so right now. I love how he snuggles with me and falls asleep in my arms. Awwwww...but I am looking forward to him feeling back to his old self. Last week when we took him to the Dr. he was down 5% in his body weight since the week prior when we took him to his 9 month check-up. He has not eated solids since last Monday so over a week now so I am sure he is down even more. Poor guy. Jyllian has also gotten this nasty cold. She actually was the first one to get it. She has a terrible cough and runny nose and is just run down. I'm starting to get it as well. Justin had the stomach flu last week right along with Cohl. Luckily it didn't take him as long to get over it as it has with Cohl. Without going into details we have had 3 surgeries in our family in the last two weeks! I'm pretty sure that's a record for a semi-healthy family. I was off work for 11 days and yesterday was my first day back. Lets just say I was pretty EXHAUSTED last night. Luckily we all slept good. We are all on the mend I think and doing okay but can we say BAD LUCK!!! Holy Buckets.
As a result we haven't gotten too many pictures lately but hopefully I'll be able to get some this weekend and get some posted.
I do want to take this time to Thank my mom for her wonderful help over the past two weeks. We know we could NOT have gotten through the weeks without her. And also a HUGE thanks to Ed (Justin's dad) for his help too. He has come down this week to help Justin out at home with the kids and just everyday obstacles!! What wonderful parents we have. We also want to thank those who have brought food, called and sent their LOVE! Ya'll are awesome and we Love You!!!
So I just have one request--if you don't mind just keep us in your prayers that we can all get healthy and this run or whatever you want to call it will be over soon!!! March is coming.....