Sunday, September 06, 2009

Big Boy Haircut

While Adrienne was here we put her to work. She became our hair stylist :) Cohl was in desparate need of a haircut. And so Adrienne volunteer'd to do it. THANK YOU!!!! Its amazing how a hair cut can transform something from a baby to little boy. We later buzzed his head with Justin's clippers and boy oh boy did he look like a little man. See bottom picture.

He is SUPER excited about this at first!

By the end we had to bribe him with a popsicle to stay put :)
Getting all washed up!

Now for some before and after.
We all remember how long and shaggy it was. There is even a picture of him dressed up in one of Jyllian's dresses and he looks just like a girl! I will have to find that one and post it on here too. Actually I think its on the blog--scroll down a few posts :)

And this is after. Doesn't he look like a little boy now! I had to admit I was a little sad but he looked soooo cute!!!
And then these two are from after we shaved his head. A little man is what he looks like now. Its soo cute. We will probably let it grow some as this was a bit too short for my liking but still cute!