Sunday, September 06, 2009

Let's Rewind back to.....

To July...back to the middle of July actually. We made it to Moorcroft for Justin's 10 year class reunion. It was a last minute thing but we had a lot of fun. We were able to hang out with a lot of Justin's old classmates that he hasn't seen in a long time and I got to hang out with Adrienne :) as I had her come too. It was tons of fun seeing her and getting to hang out. We actually got spoiled this summer because we saw each other 3 times in a month. Wow and we hadnt seen each other since right after Breken was born. So it was nice. So here are some pictures from the two events :)

The kids going off to play on the playground at one of the parks in Moorcroft. It was also Jubilee which I guess is a pretty big deal or at least it use to be. It wasn't too bad, had a nice parade and such and then had a big thing at the park with blow up jumpy things for the kids, snowcones and a BBQ. It was a nice day.

2 weeks later Adrienne came down to see us and spend a few days. We had so much fun as we always do when we're together. We went swimming, sat by the fire pit in the back yard and celebrated Justin's birthday (see next post). It was great. Here are some pictures of the kids together. Its soo cute b/c Cohl and Breken are just about the same size but 6 months apart (Cohl older). Breken is soo cute and is such a good baby. I don't think we heard him actually cry once. Just kinda does a little cry for like 3 secs and then stops. Too cute.

Now if I do say so myself those are THREE really cute kids :)