Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 2009

I have to say that this month has flown by so quickly I sometimes forget what all has happened. We've had a wonderful month of December. Days flew by being filled with school, parties, assessing (for me of my school kids), shopping and hanging out with friends and family. I feel as though our lives are just so full of wonderful things. We have made some great friends this year and have enjoyed getting to spend time with them and their families. My family has been wonderful as usual and we are so blessed that we are able to be around them and they want to be around us. Whatever we ask, whenever we ask they always come through for us. We really do not know what we would do without them. We're thankful that their grammy and uncle live so close. Cohl's favorite things to say lately (although quite annoying to mommy) "Wheres Shane? Grammy? Work? Home?" He asks so quickly you usually do not have time to answer.
Our Holdiays were a little different this year and we were not able to have Christmas at the ranch with the Scott Family as we usually do. We had to adjust and adapt our Holidays because Justin's work schedule does not allow for him to be off for all major holidays. Unlike me he doesn't get off for two weeks at Christmas or three months during the summer. He doesn't get to make his own hours where he can just take off whenever he wants. His job isn't flexible so that if he takes off early today he can make those hours up over the weekend...so when the schedule showed that he was yet again working Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as EVERY weekend in December we had to make some adaptions to the holiday. We decided it would be wonderful if we invited everyone to be with us for Christmas. Although only my family came, we were able to spend it with people we love and my mom and brother were able to see the excitement on the kids faces when they woke Christmas morning. Our family tradition is and always will be that we are home on Christmas morning as this is where Santa comes. If and when the day comes that they no longer believe we will think about doing something else. I am thankful that my mom and brother share with us this tradition and will not miss it! Although we missed the Scott family and we were not able to celebrate with them we thought of them and hoped they had a wonderful Christmas. Maybe next year we will be able to have Christmas with them too...
Christmas was wonderful. The anticipation the kids had was just exciting and made me and Justin feel like kids again. We were giddy Christmas eve night as "Santa" arrived and brought the presents. To see our living room be transformed and rearranged to make room for all the gifts was just plain awesome. We loved it...Cohl got great at saying "Santa HoHoHo..Merry Christmas!" We were all SPOILED as can be on Christmas morning. It was great to watch the kids open their gifts. Cohl lasted about 30 mins and then he was done. Jyllian ended up opening the rest of his. Jyllians favorite gift was the DS she got from her pappy, twin cabbage patch babies from grammy, tinker bell doll from uncle shane, a vanity from Santa and an easy bake oven from mom and dad. Cohl favs are his couch from pappy, chair from grammy, crayons he got from mom and dad, and Chuck the talking truck he got from Santa. Justin got clothes, stuff for his garage, new running shoes and workout clothes as well as gift cards and misc items. I got new boots, running shoes, a fondue machine, clothes and stuff for sewing--just to name a few :) the best thing that Justin/I got besides money was a printer/copier/scanner that we got from Jerry (my mom's boyfriend). We love it! Thank you to all we appreciate your givingness!!! And we love you.
So with that here are some pictures again in a slideshow as I am finding this is much easier to do than actually attaching all the pictures of the month of December.