Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A recap of September-November.

Wow has it really been since Halloween that I've posted??? Geeeez Louise I'm awful...its not like I have two little ones and a full time job to keep me busy :) Ha! But still it is my goal in 2010 to be better at keeping this updated at least once a month. We shall see how that goes. It has been my goal to use this as a way to remember the days from when the kids were little. To look back and remind myself of thing they did or said, as well as keep family and friends from far away (or not so far--MOM) updated on pictures and what we've been up to. So I hope to be a little better at doing just that!
So lets go back to Halloween...wait no I need to go back to September! Yes September days of back to school and seasons changing. I do believe that is when I got too busy to keep up with this here blog. Well actually lets just give a update as whole. We will start with me! Work, kids and my hubby take up the majority of my time. We will start with work...My class this year is very unique...as a hole they are much lower than last year but oh my do they have a personality. I have enjoyed them so much and its been so fun watching them grow. We have been super busy and I am amazed that half the year has already passed. The next few months will fly by as they always do and before I know it will be May again--which will make me just so happy. I am in charge of the social committee again this year at work. This is where we plan the fun stuff for the staff...luncheons, gatherings, parties etc. Its fun...but our staff is a little well lets say bitchy so it makes it a bit difficult from time to time. I've been on the committe for a few years and have headed it up for the past two. Needless to say this will be my last--time to pass the buck :) I've also starting working on a RTI Committee which has been exciting. RTI stands for Response to Intervention and its where you to teach to each child's needs by grouping them accordingly and then continuously monitoring to make sure what you are teaching is working. It is so exciting for educators :) and I'm excited to be apart of that team. Another big thing I've done at work is joined the afterschool program team. I'm teaching remediation to 1st graders for 45 mins afterschool. It has been so much fun to get to hang out with some of my old kiddos or just kids I was around last year. Its exciting to see their growth even if they are behind their peers. So I've enjoyed that. The extra money I'm making for that helped with Christmas this year...and in the spring will go towards a 30th Birthday Get-a-Way.....we are working on the plans as we speak :)
Outside of school I've been busy with 3 other moms putting together a working mom/night group of MOPS. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and its a support group per say for moms of children ages pregnancy-kindergarten. We are busy busy busy getting plans underway and are very excited about this group! Our first gathering will be on January 20th as a meet and greet and then we will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. This will make my Wednesdays very busy for the rest of the school year but yet another thing to make the spring go quickly. I'm ready for summer break and christmas break isn't even over yet :) Ha! Time will go quickly I know. So thats pretty much it for me...
Justin is busy too with work and being daddy daycare when he is off. He also heads up Search and Rescue for the county so that keeps him busy as well. When he is not working he is wrangling up the kiddos. He is such a wonderful daddy and the kids just love being home with their daddy. We have an awesome daycare but they would much rather be home any day. Jyllian especially. Justin does his best to keep them entertained and not killing each other which proves to be a chore most days. He has been working really hard at running the past few months to prepare for a 10k we are running in May and then eventually a half marathon and maybe one day a marathon. I'm too much of a procrastinator to start that early--I will wait until March :) He is doing really good at it though and ran his first unofficial 10k one night and I was just so proud of him. Jealous--a little but my bed felt much better! I know he will do just fine when the time comes for the big race.
Now onto the kids...
Jyllian stil loves loves loves school. I think she would go everyday if we let her. I know she will be wonderful in Kindergarten next year. She is already counting down the days. I on the other hand am already have anxiety attacks over it. I just don't think I'm ready for her to be 5 and going to big kid school. I am thankful however that she will be there with me even if I have no intention of teaching her. I do plan however for her to be across the hall from me so I can check in on her whenever I want. I am pretty sure I will be the one having the hard time next year. I think Justin is also counting down the days! In school she is just like a sponge just soaking up everything Miss Kendra teaches. She has learned most of her alphabet along with the sounds and can give words for the letters. She rhymes like a rhyming queen. Its pretty funny though every word that she gives to rhyme starts with a "B" so if I say what rhymes with cat-bat; candle-bandle; tree-bee. Its funny. Shes come a long way socially too, she is not as much of a follower as shes been and actually is beginning to stand up for herself which is wonderful. She is quite emotional...have no idea where she gets that from HA! Shes going to be just like her momma. Jyllian started gymnastics this year and oh my goodness she is a natural. She does so good and is such a good listener. You can tell by watching her that she is giving 110% at everything. We are so proud and its so fun to see them involved in something they enjoy. Justin really enjoys going and watching and since it is on Monday nights at 6:45 I usually have him just go and I stay with Cohl as he is in bed by 7ish everynight. Only on nights that Justin has to work do I venture out. It is so awesome to watch her though. I can't wait to continue to watch her do it. I think she could be pretty good one day. She loves to dance as well. We thought about dance for her but decided against it so for now she is busy dancing her heart out at home. We also have quite the vocalist on our hands as well as a guitarist. she is a one woman show! She loves to dress up in her princess dresses and sing her heart out. She knows most Taylor Swift songs by heart and played the guitar and sang for us the other night. She also writes her own music...I'm pretty sure her lyrics last night were..."mommy's on the computer and daddy says its family time oh yea oh yea!" Oh I was laughing so hard. It was the cutest thing ever. I am going to attempt to get a video of her soon. Its priceless.
Cohl is growing growing. Its amazing to me that he is already a year and half. I can't even begin to think of where the time has gone. He amazes us every day with what he picks up on and is able to do. He is a copy cat and mimics everything we say and do. He can speak more words now than Jyllian did at this age. He cracks us up with the things he comes up with. And oh he is soo darn cute. His cuteness sure does get him out of things now we can only imagine what it will be like when he is older. He is still our peanut though..well both kids are. Jyllian our skinny minny and Cohl our short and stout little boy. At his 18month check up they literally stretched him to make him stay on the growth chart. Our dr's words were "well he is not going to be no Andre the Giant is he!" Nope sure not. His allergies limit him on what he is able to eat and drink but he is thriving which is what is important to us. He loves going to daycare and even has a little girl friend there. Her name is Bradee and she is just a couple months younger than he is. Oh they are sooo cute together. They give hugs and kisses when leaving. Too cute! His little heart was broken the other day though when she scratched him across the face. It was a pretty good scratch leaving a semi deep cut that we're hoping will not scar he cute dimply face. When I got him home I asked him what had happened and he said "Bra-e krc" and held his finger like a hook and pretended to scratch. I laughed but he was so sad about it. Now everytime we mention daycare he tells us "Bra-e krc!" So we shall see how much "in love" they are when we go back next week. Lucky for us though he absolutely LOVES Jayme his babysitter. He wakes up every morning when he has to go and says "Juhme, juhme!" We're so happy to have found someone that both kids like so much and she takes wonderful care of them. She is resonably prices and lives across the street from us. YAY! Its just wonderful. She too has a son that is several months older than Jyllian but will be in her class.
Jyllian and Cohl both keep us on our toes with their own interaction. It never seems to fail that we turn our back for one second and they're fighting. Oh how early this begins. He wants what she has, she wants what he has. He's hitting me, she is in my space. Thats mine....MOMMMMMMYYYYYYY! Oh the joys of having two. Everyone says we should just throw another into the mix. I think NOT!
So that pretty sums up the update on us...I will let the rest of what we've been up to be summarized in pictures...Hope you enjoy.
I have created a slide show...the view a caption for the photo please place the mouse over the picture and it will tell a little about what the picture is about.

PS: December/Christmas will be a separate post. I hope to have it up before New Years :)