Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beautiful Weather

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful outside so we decided it was time to get sand for Jyllian's sandbox. We had gotten the sand box last year but she was too little to play in it, so this weekend was the perfect opportunity to take it out and see if Jyll would like it.
At first she was not too sure of the sand. She put her hands in it and said "Icky!" We thought great! She is not a huge fan of having her hands dirty so we were not sure that she would end up playing in it. But once she saw mommy and daddy playing she got right in and played too. She thought it was pretty cool. Thats her new word, she puts up her two index fingers and thumbs and says "cool!" Its too cute. Now she is a huge fan of the sandbox. She loves to cover up her feet and your feet too and then search for them. When she finds them she says "I see you!" Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!