Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fishing with Dad

Well its that time of year again. Time to go fishing. Jyllian is at the perfect age where she just enjoys doing everything! Justin was getting ready to go fishing and Jyllian got pretty excited about it, so we decided we would take her fishing too. We took out the fishing pole that her Granddad Ed got her for her first birthday and put it together. We decided pretty quickly that it was for when she got bigger (the pole was 4 times the size of her! ) and went to Pamida and got her a much smaller one and one that if it got broken it would be okay! We packed a picnic and off we went to the river. Jyllian was sooo excited to go fishing...although all she did was hit the water with her pole. Still it was super cute! Nobody caught anything..unless you call sticks something, but we still had fun. It got a little too windy for us to eat our picnic so we ended up leaving and eating at Grammy's house but it was still a fun afternoon.

The Big Catch of the Day!