Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Last year for Jyllian's first Easter we were in Minnesota and we did go to an Easter Egg hunt but it was mainly the adults getting the eggs for the little ones. This year Jyllian was able to get the eggs all on her own. Of course we had to still help her as there were prizes to be won :) Jyllian loved the hunt. It was really cold out this year, so we had to have the egg hunt indoors. As a result it was not difficult to "find" the eggs as there was no grass or bushes for them to be hidden in. Instead it was dirt! Children 0-3 went first and when the first child heard a pop of the balloon, s/he thought it was the gun so off they ran and every other 0-3 year old ran too. Needless to say we were too early and they tried hard to get us to go back but there was no stopping them. Within minutes thousands of eggs were in the little kids hands. We did get two eggs with prizes. One of the them we gave to our friends who didn't get a prize. Fun was had by all!

Me, Jyllian and my friend Missie with her daughter Brooke

Jyllian pointing to Brooke

A nice profile of my face :) but you can see all of the eggs scattered through the arena.

And we're off!

Searching for eggs!