Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Family Time!

Justin decided it was time we got outside and did something today, so off we went in the truck to go on a hike in the mountains. This is something we have been meaning to do for quite some time and keep saying we are going to do it and never have so it was great to get up there and actually do it. When Jyllian was born we had gotten a pack to carry her in and besides using around the house when she was small we never got to use it, so this was the perfect opportunity. We were not really sure where to go as we weren't familiar with most of the trails around the area, but decided to go up to Esterbrooke Campground as Justin thought he remembered there being a trail head there. We got some really beautiful pictures of our hike and look forward to doing it again--maybe one that isn't sooo steepe. In the some of the pictures you can see how it goes straight up in most places. Still it was absolutely beautiful and just what we needed. We are hoping to make more hikes on his days off! I am glad we had the pack as Jyllian would not have been able to "hike" it by herself and we would have ended up carrying her. The pack was much easier--or at least it looks easier. I guess I should ask Justin if it actually was :)

Just starting out. We had to get a family picture :)

and a cute one of Jyllian and Justin too :)

The hike up the hill. See it is steepe! But we are alittle out of shape too :)

View from going up the mtn.
Pretty Flower!
Almost to the top!

At the top. We stopped to take a rest.

View from the top of the mtn.

On the way back down.