Friday, June 08, 2007

Mt. Rushmore with Great Grandpa

My grandpa, who will be 87 in October, came out to visit us for the 2nd time in one year. We are so excited to have him back out here with us. He seems to really enjoy himself while here. The last time he was here was in late Nov.-late Dec. Although we were able to show him some of the sights around was so cold out that it was hard for him to really enjoy them. So this time we were able to do more. One of the things we did was take him up to Deadwood SD to do some gambling and then on to Mt. Rushmore. He really enjoyed this as he has heard so much about the faces but never thought he would ever get to see them. The minute we pulled up he just cried. It was sad, but at the same time we were thankful that we were able to take him there and he was able to see it at least once in his lifetime. We sure enjoyed our time with him and look forward to him coming back out. He says he wants to come back in September so we will see!