Friday, June 15, 2007

All Fixed

Just wanted to let you know that we went to Denver Children's Hospital for Jyllian's Annual Checkup for her Urinary Reflux yesterday. After going through several tests...all of which Jyllian was just MISERABLE, sobbing and screaming hysterically--Okay so was I, we were able to get some good news. The Dr. said she is all fixed. Yay! We were super excited to hear this news as I refused to put Jyllian through the torture of the tests ever again. We no longer have to have her on antibiotics daily like we've had to for the past year, and will no longer have to go to see the Urology Dept at the Children's Hospital. The news couldn't have been better. Jyllian was excited too..the minute the Dr. said she was fixed and she didn't have to come back, she got off my lap, walked to the door and waved at the Dr. while saying "buh-bye, See-Ya!" It was soo cute. Just thought you'd like to know...