Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cute Pics

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I do think my kids are pretty cute :)
Jyllian got to go on a special date last night--she got to go watch Horton Hears a Who with her Grammie. Mom came and picked her up for her date and Jyllian was all dressed up. So I have some pictures of that. I also am sharing some cute pictures of Jyllian and Cohl. Hope you enjoy.
We are doing better. I am getting more and more energy every day and am finally off bedrest. YEAH!!!! I had my follow-up apt with my Dr. and we are not sure why it all happened but it seems it is all fixed. So that is good. I wish I knew why it had happened but I guess it is just one of those freak things and it happened to me :) Lucky ME! But I am okay that is what counts. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts/prayers. Hope this finds you doing AWESOME!