Friday, May 16, 2008

On the Up and Up!

Some of you know about the problems I've had, some don't. I won't go into great detail but will update those of you who don't know whats been going on. On Sunday (Mother's Day) I woke up in the middle of the night hemmorhaging. At first I didn't think it was that big of a deal but was a little freaked out. I tried to get ahold of my mom but she wasn't answering the phone, so I called labor and delivery. The nurse told me to get to the ER as soon as possible. Tried to talk me into having the ambulance come and get me, but I honestly live 2 blocks away from the hospital. I had Justin go to my mom's and wake her up to come take care of the kids. We got to the hospital and luckily they took my situation seriously. They gave me IV's in both arms, examined me and got my dr called and in to perform a D&C to try and stop the bleeding. I got into surgery by 6am. I lost a lot of blood during the whole ordeal and ended up having get bags of blood. I went into shock during the surgery and when I came to I was being put into an ambulance to be transfered to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper. My Dr. was sitting right by my side along with other EMT's. I wasn't real sure what was going on but she explained that the surgery didn't stop the bleeding so she wanted me to get to a hospital that could perform an emergency hysterectomy if needed. So I went to Casper and spent Monday and Tuesday up there before they finally let me come home. Luckily I didn't need to have the hysterectomy, and the medication they gave me while in Casper helped to slow the bleeding down enough to be able to send me home. So thank goodness all is okay. I am on strict bedrest right now, not able to do much at all, but also do not feel like doing anything. I am very weak and have no energy. I hate not being able to do much with my kids and while in the hosptial not being able to hold my babies. Gosh it was so hard. I just ask that if you could please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that everything is finally over with and we will be on the up and up!
Luckily my mom was able to take some days off to take care of Jyllian and Cohl while we were in Casper. Justin has been awesome even though he hasn't gotten much sleep. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful baby as Cohl has been doing awesome and sleeping good and eating good for us. I am not sure that I would be able to do it all if Cohl was a fussy baby. Jyllian is such a great help. I know she is ready for mommy to be back to her old self and be able to play with her. Its so hard not to be able to pick her up.
So that is what has been new with me. I am hoping to be feeling like my old self again soon! Until then I will just keep truckin' along waiting for that day to come :)