Monday, May 05, 2008

Our Family Update

He has arrived! It was a pretty quick and easy labor--they broke my water at 7:30 and I delivered him at 10:41 after only pushing for 10 minutes at the most. All went pretty well. I didn't need pitocin, so it wasn't a true induction. I was thankfulHe is perfect. Had a little trouble keeping his body temperature regulated but that was all better by Thursday. He is a little jaundiced so we have had to bring him back up to the hospital daily. The yellow in his skin and eyes seems to be going away day by day, and his levels are little down so hopefully we are in the clear. He is continuing to loose weight--all due to his jaundice as he doesn't have the best appetite.
He is a great baby. He sleeps great--even during the night. He feeds okay--still is only a snacker--doesn't eat a lot at one time. At night he goes 4-5 hours before he wants to eat again. Its been great :)
I am beginning to feel better. My blood pressure is still a little high and I still have a pounding headache--3 weeks of a daily headache is getting old but hopefully once my BP starts to go down my headache will go away. I know that once my headache goes away I will feel back to my old self--headaches just kind of make you feel icky.
Jyllian is a great big sister. She is a big helper and loves to hold her baby brother. She is a little jealous--which is understandable and has begun to be a little pill in the past two days but I know this will come and go and we can get through it. She is a mommy's girl so mommy giving attention to someone else is a huge deal for her. She still loves her brother though and just adores him.
Justin is adjusting to be a new dad again. He has taken some time off of work which has been great. He doesn't go back until the 3 week in May so he had 20 days off. Its been nice having him home and he has enjoyed spending time with the family. He is such a great daddy! I couldn't ask for a better husband or dad. I am truly blessed!
So I think that is all for now. I will try and get new pictures up as we take them. I love to take pictures-especially of my kids so I will be taking plenty. I am sure you will get sick of seeing new pictures. I will hopefully be better at keeping our blog updated.