Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jyllian's New Friend

In college I met this girl named Misty who turned into one of my best friends from school. We had classes together our last year and just had so much in common. We were even pregnant at the same time. Sadly she moved to Iowa so we knew that our kids were not going to close in distance but still we hoped that we would be able to get them together to play sometime. The first time we got the girls together was a few months after Alexa was born. Of course they were too small to be able to play, but it was still fun to see them together. Alexa was a premie so she was sooo small and so fragile. Misty got pregnant first the second time around and a few months later I was able to share my exciting news that I too was pregant again. We were pregnant again for the 2nd time! Granted it wasn't for very long as she was much further along than I was. After I had Cohl we couldn't wait to get the kids together to play--but we were unsure when that would happen. We were excited to find out that Misty and her family were going to be coming back to Wyoming for a visit. We were able to meet them in Spearfish when we got there on Thursday after for a family reunion. So we finally were able to let the girls play. How cute they were. Alexa was so shy, but Jyllian wouldn't let that stop her! I was amazed to see that Alexa and Jyllian were the same size. Alexa has really overcome being premmature! They had fun playing in the sand, swinging, sliding, and just hanging out. I look forward to the day when all the kids can play together--Alexa and Jyllian, Cohl and Dylan. I only wish we lived closer!!! Here are some cute pictures of the girls playing.