Monday, September 01, 2008

Back to School :(

So last week was my offical first week of school. Kids came on Monday--the week before I had to work, but no kids. I wasn't as nervous this year as I have been in the past. We had a great first week. I really enjoyed Kindergarten--ALTHOUGH--I was exhausted and it does come with its own set of challenges. Such as....they can't write, or read, most don't know their letters, most don't even know the letters in their name, some can't write their names, some can't draw pictures....most just want to play all day and they are all TIRED by lunch time--but we do all day Kindergarten. Still even with all of those challenges we made it through the week, and we had a great time :) I have 16 kids--we have 9 Kindergarten classrooms--I know a lot for such a small town. Each class has between 16 and 19 kids. A lot of little ones running around. But they have been sooo awesome. We are so impressed with how well they have adjusted to school its been amazing. So I am attaching a picture of my kids! I just hope the weeks continue to go well.
It was sooo hard leaving my own kids to go back to work. I figured it out and I had been off for 5 months--wow almost half a year off from work spending every day with my little ones. Its no wonder they had such a hard time with me leaving them as well as me having a hard time leaving them. I cried so hard that first day, but it did get easier. For Jyllian reality sunk in this week when she realized that everyone was going to school but her--even the babysitters own kids started school this year. So she is anxiously waiting for Pre-School to start for her on September 11th. Poor little girl. Cohl has done awesome at daycare. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful daycare provider. She really loves babies and so Cohl is just spoiled rotten over there :)
So all in all everything is great--but I do have to say I have enjoyed my LONG weekend :)