Friday, September 12, 2008

Cohl's 4 month check-up

So we finally got Cohl in for his 4 month check-up even though he was almost 20 weeks old. Ahhh! Gotta love Dr.'s offices and them "fitting" you in. All in all his appointment went great. We had him weighed a week and half prior to his appointment as we needed an updated weight for his antiobiotic and at his 4 month check he actually had lost weight--almost a pound of weight so we are unsure whats going on there. He weighed 13lbs which at first I was concerned about thinking that was really big, but when she gave me the percentile he is only in the 9th percentile so I guess he is good. He was also 24 inches tall and is in the 25% for his height. She was very impressed with his development and thinks he is very advanced for his age. He wow'd her with his ability to roll over, hold his head up great, and his strength with being able to stand up and starting to scoot. She said he will be an early achiever. We're just so proud of our little guy :) His acid reflux seems to be getting better and so we've taken him off the meds to see if it has gone away or not. Like she said the meds were just a cosmetic fix---he doesn't HAVE to be on them. Since taking him off he has done okay. He is getting better at eating solids. He is NOT a fan of veggies--but neither are we (Justin, Jyllian or myself.) So we're getting there on that. The Dr. said that as he eats more solids the acid reflux will go away and most go away by 1 year of age anyways. So he did well. He hasn't been sleeping the best lately--he has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks old and has been waking up a lot lately--we think he is getting some teeth as he is just a little fussy. We gave him the good ol' teething tablets (which are a Godsend if you have little ones by the way) and that has helped quite a bit these past few nights. Keeping our fingers crossed that he will sleep better for now on. Its amazing how quickly you forget the sleepless nights--or the nights of waking up every few hours! Ohhhh life an infant. Gotta love it. So we have two wonderful and adorable kiddo's! Yes we are biased :) Hope you are doing wonderful!!! Check back soon for new pictures. ( I left my camera at school and will try to get some new pics on here soon!)