Thursday, September 11, 2008


So our little girl has started pre-school. Can we say sad! Oh my gosh it just broke my heart to bring her there today. She was sooo excited about it. She has been so sad the past two weeks that I am back to school and the kids from her daycare are at school but she is still not. So it was good that she started today. I got some cute pictures of her both today and the other day when we had Open House. When I got home tonight I asked her about school and what she did--she wouldn't tell me. She later told my mom everything she did and when I asked her if her teacher told her not to tell mommy and daddy she said yes. I am assumming that they made something special for us and Miss Kendra said to not tell mommy and daddy about it and so she took it literally that she couldn't tell us ANYTHING about school. Pretty cute. Cohl had an awesome day at daycare with it just being him there. With Jyllian being at preschool and the other little boy~Luke who is Jyllian's "prince"~ also gone to preschool with Jyllian, Cohl gets Andie all to himself. We are so lucky to have someone who loves our kids so much taking care of them. Andie is awesome! So I hope you enjoy the pics of Jyllian...
Preschool Open House on September 9th

First Day of Preschool on September 11th
With her "prince" LukeJob Chart
Waiting her turn
Making me some tea Big girl at school

With mommy. I think it was harder on me than her :o(
With her daddy

Leaving our little girl at her first day of school!