Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cohl's First Fair

The Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo was in Casper this week and so we decided to take the kids up and let Jyllian have some fun. She was just the right size to get to ride most of the rides by herself. She had a BLAST! Cohl had fun too. He was just amazed with all the people, sights and sounds. We got some cute pictures of Jyllian riding the rides and Cohl--well he was just hanging out with his Grammie.

After we rode the rides we had some treats--cotton candy, ice cream, and mini-donuts. Then we decided we better come home before the freaky-freakies come out :)

We're looking forward to the State Fair coming to Douglas in August. We know Jyllian will have a great time and she is already excited about the rides. She told me this morning when she woke up--I didn't get to ride the bears mom, but I will ride them when it comes here. And the horses too. :)