Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Picnic at the Park

We had an eventful weekend this past weekend. Friday night was Shane's birthday. We had a nice time celebrating another year! On Saturday Justin, Jyllian, Cohl and I spent the day at my school trying to get my classroom organized. Justin worked on a loft that was given to me trying to make it where it would fit into my classroom. No luck so he tore it down and will rebuild a new one this coming weekend. Jyllian had fun playing with toys while Cohl hung out in his swing, giving me plenty of time to organize all my junk :) Mom took both kids for the night and Justin and I had a nice evening alone cuddled up watching a movie. Sunday morning Justin/I woke up and got ready to float the river. We had every intention of being on the river pretty early, but the raft had other plans. We waited to blow up the raft until we got to the river as we couldn't fit the blown up raft in my car. So we plugged in the inverter and started to air up the raft--pretty soon the fuse blew and so we had to deflate the raft, get into the car and drive tot he store to buy fuses. After 4 fuses we finally got the raft aired up enough to float and we headed out. It was so relaxing and sooo needed. Justin and I had a great time and were able to talk with no iterruptions :) Towards the end of our float there were some rapids. We decided we wanted to go right through them rather than around them, so we headed that way. I was in the front and Justin said I would be his eyes and if it got too rough to tell him and he would try to pull out. So we started that way and I noticed they were a lot bigger than we thought. I screamed No No No No Justin Justin Justin but it was too late. They were BIG and at one time I was looking down at Justin sitting in the raft. But we made it. It brought a little excitment to our relaxing float :) We had a good laugh!!! After our float we went and picked up th kids and went home for a little realxing and napping. That evening we went to the park for a picnic. We BBQ'd and had Mom/Jerry and Shane join us. Ate S'mores and played Hide-n-Seek. Just an all around fun, relaxing weekend!!!

Playing Hide-n-Seek: Justin is hiding can you find him???
Jyllian found him!
Walking back to find the next person
Jyllian loves her daddy!

Getting food--Shane, Justin, Mom and Jerry